Deal or No Deal?

Suzann Darnall

We have a wonderful grocery store chain here in Texas called HEB. They have fabulous sales, including a weekly special called the "Meal Deal." And, amazingly enough it really is ... both a meal and a deal.

For instance, this week's Meal Deal is: buy a Stouffer's Family-Size Lasagna or Chicken Enchiladas and get four items free! The free items include: Hill Country Fare Salad Dressing, Fresh Express Premium Garden Salad, Hill Country Fare Garlic Bread, and Nestle Juicy Juice. All items come in assorted varieties, so you can pick and choose your favorites. The free items save $6.44.

Now, some of y'all might think they raise the prices on the main item but, no, they don't. Or, you might think they overcharge for that item regularly, but again, no, they don't. Or, you might wonder if the store brand items are inferior to name-brands but, no, they aren't. It really is a good deal. Most people's reaction when first shopping in HEB is, "What a deal!" And, they would be correct.

On the other hand the secular-progressives' are trying to hand us a raw deal. Much like FDR's New Deal, the current administration's economic and societal policies are hurting more than helping. Especially hurting the poor!

The goal of the New Deal and the Obama Wheelin'-n-Dealin' was/is supposedly to get people back to work. But, to work, one needs a job. Economy stimulating jobs are created by businesses and companies. Government jobs don't create or stimulate anything. They are paid for by taxpayers. For the most part, government employees, including most politicians, are kind of like the fleas on a dog. Going along for the ride as blood-suckers, not really contributing anything useful to the existence of the dog and probably an actual detriment to its overall comfort and well-being.

Some people are still wondering if it's really that important who is in charge. Many feel that one party or politician is pretty much like another. But, that is why the TEA Party movement is so important and why we must be diligent in selecting true Conservatives to office. It really is a big deal this time around!

And, contrary to what DC would have you believe, it is not house rules, it is dealer's choice ... and we the people are the dealers! We hold the cards. We make the choices. And, we need to choose right! Right, as in Conservative! Patriotic, small-government, lower-taxes, constitutional Conservatives. People who feel as we feel. Who believe the same things we believe. Politicians who are citizens. Not life-long deal makers-n-breakers who currently overrun our governments from local to national. We need people who will not make backroom deals. People who will deal with us fairly. People who value ethics and morals.

Before you vote on November 2, 2010, ask yourself, "Are you better off now than you were? What policies are working for you and your family? What policies aren't? Who is responsible for the good and bad that is happening in the name of government? Do you want an expansion of government's takeover of your private life? Or, would you like a roll-back of government intrusion?"

Don't let the never-ending campaign promising of entitlement king Obama sway you to making the wrong choices. We don't need more stimulus packages. We don't need more excessive government spending. In short, we don't need another New Deal. We need the real deal and a new day. Real representative government with a new outlook about working for the people "back home!"

Contrary to what entitlement princess Nancy Pelosi believes, food stamps and unemployment insurance aren't the most bang for the buck. Neither program creates jobs, except possibly expanding bureaucracy positions when they have to hire more government employees to process the growing programs because so many more citizens are losing jobs and needing welfare.

And, let's hope the people of Nevada are well aware of the entitlement price of Harry Reid's Dairy Deal, 'cause it shows just how corrupt this man truly is! Prince Harry "saved" 130 jobs by carving out an exemption for Anderson Dairy. But, it was at the cost of thousands of other jobs in Nevada due to non-exempt dairies looking to other states for business expansion options. Can you say, "What a deal?" For Harry and the Anderson Dairy it was. But, what about the unemployed dairy workers in Nevada? What about the people now paying more for milk in Nevada because of the increased shipping costs due to the "Milk Loop" created by Harry's deal? Milk is shipped from California to Nevada by Anderson Dairy, while others are forced to ship theirs from Nevada to California. Sounds like a lose-lose proposition to me ... not to mention another really stupid action on the part of Harry Reid!

Anyway, let's not lose sight of our goal at this point. We need to hold steady on the course. We can't vote Obama out at this time. We can hope Californians and Nevadans oust Pelosi and Reid, while the entire nation does its part to empty as many secular-progressives out of office as possible while re-filling the seats of both houses with all the true conservatives we can elect! At least with majorities of conservatives we might keep Obama from destroying any more of our society and economy. It's the best way I can see to deal with the problem at this point in time.

What do you say? Do we have a deal to meet at the polling booths and make a change for the better? If we don't, we will have to deal with the results. In the meantime, we will need a great deal of effort to get the word out-n-about on who is worthy and who is not. So, tell it like it is, and remind everyone to vote the right way! The way that puts real hope and change into people's lives! Not the New Deal falsities of secular-progressives. The real deal American Dream kind of hope and change!

Let's make it a New Day dawning in America on November 3, 2010. A day that looks to our past as a road map to the future. Lower taxes, smaller government, morals, and ethics. Things we can all support. Things WE can MAKE happen! Really, WE CAN!

© Suzann C. Darnall, OCTOBER 2010

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