By Any Other Name . . .

Suzann Darnall

. . . a Rose would still be wrong for Texas! Patrick Rose, that is. Despite his campaign claims of being an Independent, or Moderate, and now a Conservative, he has voted 90% of the time with the Texas House's most liberal members. We have enough troubles thanks to the national Liberals: Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. We don't need more Liberals messing things up here at home. We need a State Representative who actually represents us!

Don't like ObamaCare? How about we change the name to RoseCare? Does it smell any sweeter now? To me it stinks by any name and any sponsorship! However, three years ago, Rose and his fellow Liberals tried to bring socialized medicine to Texas. Fortunately Conservatives voted it down. Not that it ultimately matters since we now have it dictated from the federal Liberals. But, at least we were saved from three additional years of the onerous costs and loss of rights.

Patrick Rose claims to be a Conservative Democrat, but his voting record shows a different politician in Austin from the guy campaigning here at home. Kind of like what we see in politics all across our nation and in Washington DC. Talking out of both sides of their mouths. We need to find the ones willingly to talk the talk AND walk the walk. The representative government that remembers to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. The representatives who will think about what their constituents sent them to do. The representatives who stand with us, not against us.

Do you think illegal immigrants should be allowed to sue U.S. citizens? Rose did. Do you think non-U.S. citizens should get a Texas driver's license simply by showing their foreign ID? Rose did. Do you think the media should be allowed to film voters in the polling booth? Rose did. But, hey, he did vote against voter ID, as well as some other things. Are you in favor of parents having a choice about schools for their children? Rose isn't. Are you pro-life? Rose isn't.

Have you been having to tighten your belt in these tough economic times over the past few years? Patrick Rose doesn't think that should affect his spending. He authored or sponsored nearly $8 billion of government spending in just the 2009 session. He also attempted to create twelve new government taxing entities. And, his fiscal fiascoes don't end there. He also sided with Washington over Texas as sponsor of a bill to require Texas to cooperate with the federal government while spending bailout funds. That would be the same federal government headed up by Obama, Pelosi and Reid. The triad of the trillion dollar debt!

If you are paying for an education at Texas State University, you can thank Patrick Rose that the tuition bill has nearly doubled. In 2003 the Texas Legislature passed a bill to deregulate tuition at the public universities. Patrick Rose voted FOR that bill. Consequently, tuition at Texas State has risen 98% and mandatory fees have gone up 61%. In the very next session, the Legislature had an opportunity to have the tuition deregulation reviewed by the Sunset Commission in 2008. Rose was among those who voted to table the amendment.

But, Patrick Rose isn't concerned about the every day worries Texas' families have to face trying to pay for things like tuition, mortgages, or gasoline. Why should he? In his Liberal politician world, he found a perfect solution to at least one of these. He seemingly no longer personally pays for the upkeep of his personal vehicle. He apparently charges it all to his campaign fund. In the last five years Rose has billed his campaign about 322 times for a total of $36,763.57. This included $21,340.90 for gasoline and $15,422.67 for maintenance. This comes out to about one tank of gas per week, which is the average for a pickup truck. Rose drives a 2003 Ford F-150. So he likely has not paid for a tank of gas since March 2005. While this might not technically be illegal, it does seem an abuse of campaign funds and to my thinking puts him right in there with other unethical politicians grabbing all they can get with both hands.

Is this what Texas really wants? Another liberal politician in the mold of Obama, Pelosi and Reid? A Tax-n-Spend Democrat of the worst kind. If we send Patrick Rose back to the Texas House, are we simply grooming him to someday move up the feeding frenzy chain to DC, where he can do some real fiscal damage? Spending trillions instead of mere billions?

I think it is time we do a bit of trimming and prune this Rose. Clip him off now, before he does anymore damage. He's been a thorny annoyance for far too long. We need someone who shares our values. For a long time now, I've been casting my vote for anyone but Patrick Rose! Which I will be doing once again. This is one time I am fully in favor of Hope and Change … 'cause I for sure am hoping for a change!

In fact, in the interest of full disclosure, I think I'll give Jason Isaac a try. So far I've liked his message. And, besides, when I contacted him about where I could get a yard sign, he brought it right out and pounded it into the ground. How's that for an example of service? I know it benefits him … but it was still a nice thing to do. Thank you, Jason. I hope we can send you to Austin to serve us in more important ways. Especially since I think he shares my views on morals and ethics. Something we need more of in government and politics!

© Suzann C. Darnall, OCTOBER 2010

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