Too Many Choices

Suzann Darnall

It is hard to write political commentary right now. Not because there is nothing going on or that I don't care, but because there is so much happening and a lot of it makes me angry. It is difficult to decide just what I want to go into next. So, I thought maybe I'd just do a little bits-n-pieces piece, so to speak.

Obama's backyard get-togethers are just plain stupid to my way of thinking. I am angry that he is wasting taxpayer money to run around the country speaking to such small groups of hand-picked people. I thought he was supposed to be the great uniter? How can you unite people if you won't even let half of them in the gate??? And, not that I mind secular-progressives wasting their time and money in useless efforts, but isn't it kinda silly to keep preaching to the choir about the wonders of Obama, ObamaCare, ObamaNomics, etc? First of all, they already bought into your pack of lies. Secondly, you already got elected and you've pretty much passed everything you wanted.

I am also angry about the hate-mongering from the secular-progressives and their tame-team media (they no longer deserve the term "main-stream"). From their lashing out at the TEA Partiers to their attacks on Conservative candidates, they just spout lies and insinuations with no regard to consequences and complete disregard of facts.

I'm mad at the National Rifle Association. I thought they were a conservative resource I could rely on. The group once led by Charlton Heston, a truly great American. How could I go wrong to become a member? Well, I found out! I am not renewing my membership after the NRA has come out with some of the most ridiculous political endorsements I've ever seen. They have apparently lost sight of the real battle, which is more than just guns … it is ALL freedoms, rights, and liberties. We must look beyond one statement given by a politician into their voting record and past history with regard to gun rights, and also consider their overall actions regarding citizen rights. Anyway, I am hoping there's another gun rights advocacy group out there to fight for my right to own guns, 'cause I feel like NRA has sold us down the river. Charlton, they are indeed now trying to take it from your cold dead hand.

I'm tired of the leaning-over-backwards. We are expected to do so as not to be considered bigots about cultures, religions, races, sexualities, and any other designation you choose to fill in the blank. What about the rest of us? What about those of us who are different in ways that do not easily show? And, why does a person have to be different to get consideration? I have white skin, but I'm descended from American Indians and Europeans. My ancestors chose not to be forced onto reservations, so I am essentially a member of the lost tribes. Registered with Appalachian American Indians of West Virginia we are not federally recognized, but know who we are even without government sanctions. What I really am trying to say is that we should all be treated with concern, even if we aren't different or special in some noticeable way. And, don't get me started on so-called "hate-crimes"!!! I don't think any crimes are actually done out of love, do you?

I am sickened by the never-ending legislation being passed daily at all levels of our society, from local to national. We do not need more laws! We need to have the ones already on the books to be enforced. I don't want every little aspect of my life under the rule of government, but I do want them to keep me safe. Right now there is a lot of worry about the use of electronic devices while driving. I can understand that to some extent. But, know what? I am a lot more afraid about our unprotected borders and the threat of terrorism than I am of car accidents. And, this is just one example of the micro-managing government does, while ignoring the big-ticket items that actually do need fixin'! I'm sure each and every one of us can think of some recent debate in our communities, states, or nation about another piddling government intrusion into private life, while ignoring the real work required.

My list could just go on and on. But, I guess I have to stop somewhere. I'm hoping to do more stopping come November 2, 2010! I want to stop the secular-progressive strangle-hold on our government. I want all Conservatives to vote a lot of useless politicians out of office and send them home. I want my fellow Americans to stop being wall-flowers in the big party of activism. Activism isn't just a game for secular-progressives' far left extremists. We all need to be active in our political process and government. We need to stop sitting by and doing nothing. Let's stop Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. Stop the insane cycle of tax-and-spend … then spend-and-tax some more. Let's send one great big STOP sign to Washington, DC. A STOP sign made up of true Conservatives. Representatives and Senators who will stop doing what THEY want and who will actually listen to what WE want.

Stop by some local campaign headquarters and get a few signs for your lawn. Signs that declare your intent to stop politics as usual. Stop signs of the new conservatism. A conservatism taking cues from the past as it moves into the future. Let's not stop being the land of the free, home of the brave. God bless America!

© Suzann C. Darnall, OCTOBER 2010

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