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Suzann Darnall

I did a bit of meandering through some dictionaries this morning. I was curious to find out how some words that specifically define much of my political views. What I found just reinforced my feelings that the conservative movement is the right one (pun intended), especially for me. But, before I get into that, let me share some of the definitions I found:

Conservative: traditional. Tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions. Marked by moderation or caution. Marked by or relating to traditional norms of taste, elegance, style, or manners. Conventional.

Ethics: a set of moral principles. A theory or system of moral values. The principles of conduct governing an individual or a group. A consciousness of moral importance. A guiding philosophy. A consciousness of moral importance. Beliefs. Moral code. Moral values.

Morals: modes of conduct. Ideals, customs, standards, mores, policies, beliefs, dogmas, social standards, principles. Ethics. Principles. Morality.

Values: the ideals, customs, institutions, etc., of a society toward which the people of the group have an affective regard. These values may be positive, as cleanliness, freedom, or education, or negative, as cruelty, crime, or blasphemy. Principles. Standards. Morals. Ethics. Ideals.

What is there in any of these words that the secular-progressives can object to? Especially ethics, morals, and values? But, even conservative is, at least to me, a seemingly positive state of being. Could it be that it is too hard to live up to these standards? To follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before us doing right and being good?

When did the judgments of right and wrong become a thing of the past? Who decided good and evil were not absolutes? Success or failure? Winning or losing? Good or bad? These are all parts of life. I think we ignore them at our peril. But, political correctness … as defined by secular-progressives … would lead us to believe pretty much all these classifications are to be avoided or at least looked at as conditional.

Using the secular-progressive moral compass can only lead us further into the pit of mediocrity that sucks all ambition out of our national soul. We see examples of this throughout our society and it will get worse if left unchecked.

When our children are taught in school that they are perfectly marvelously wonderful just the way they are … what incentive is there to be better? It is good that we inspire our children to have high self-esteem, but we must also give them the ability to face reality checks. Feeling good about themselves is not an especially marketable skill. Kids need to learn. They need to learn to do things the right way. Rewarding them for trying is okay up to a point. But, trying isn't doing. And, at some point, doing is what really matters. Why are we unwilling to help our kids truly be the best they can be? Why are we willing to raise a nation of slackers? Why do secular-progressives want this so much?

Another frightening aspect of the politically-correct non-judgmental society we are devolving into is in the arena of crime. Justice has become a joke in many parts of our country. Activist judges, lack of enforcement, and other roadblocks to law-and-order just free the criminals to behave as they will. There are no real threats to their well-being, or often to their freedom. In all too many cases there is more concern about protecting the rights of the accused or even the criminals than there is concern for the victims. Much crime is seen as not being wrong, bad, or evil, but just that the perpetrator is ill or misunderstood.

I'm sorry, but I believe in the existence of evil! It leads people to make wrong choices and do bad things. Addiction is not a disease. While it may be a sickness, it is almost inevitably one that comes about due to choices made. The choice to use alcohol or drugs. Poverty is not a defense. Many of us do not have everything we want, but we still don't go out and kill or steal to get it. Get over it! Life isn't always perfect or even fair.

I think this is why I am so against the secular-progressives. They claim to want to make everything fair for everyone. Share the wealth. Even the playing field. But, only so long as they get to keep their extra large slice of the pie. It never seems they want to give up any of their money or their privileges. They are elitists of the worst kind. The kind seen in old Soviet Union politics. The sort of monarchists the French beheaded in their revolution. The taxation without representation types like King George that led to our own American Revolution.

I want my leaders to be moral and ethical conservatives who share my values. The values that seem to be shared by the majority of our nation. I want them to be people who know right from wrong. Who can recognize good and evil. Men and women who will stand up for my freedoms and defend my rights against those who would try to take them away. Politicians who see me as a person and a citizen, not just as a mere taxpayer.

Even the worst secular progressives will actually have values, morals, and ethics, but they are often subverted in a way not in keeping with traditional American mores. Same with their patriotism! They will claim patriotism, but is it of a variety that will not sustain our nation's way of life. Anyone can claim to be a patriot, but what I want a government of representatives (from town to county to state to national) that sees constituents as their bosses, not as voters to be ignored except in times of reelection.

I pray all conservatives will stand together this coming election and vote in the kind of people we need to make positive changes in our governments. We need to clean house (and Senate) to start as near the top as we can do this year. In two years we will clean out the White House, too! We need to do this at the local and national level, and anything in between. We need to shove as much of the secular-progressive influences back under their dark little rocks as we can. Shine the light of truth on them. They can't survive when their dirty tricks are seen by one and all. They can only work within the realm of lies, misdirection, and back-room wheelin'-n-dealin'. Honesty and integrity are as foreign to them as legs are to a snake -- with whom they have much in common!

Morals. Ethics. Values. Conservative. These are good words. Roll them around on your tongue and in your mind. Think of what they mean to you. What they meant to our forebears. What you want them to mean to future generations. Vote your conscience. Vote in people who understand the American dream. A dream that found expression in the words:

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

You will note it begins with "We the People of the United States"! Not "we the politicians" and not "of the world". This is about us! The citizens of America. Let us take back our birthright. Let us once again become "the People of the United States". United against those who would harm us, whether foreign or domestic. God bless America!

© Suzann C. Darnall, SEPTEMBER 2010

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