Class Warfare

Suzann Darnall

Is there a plan in action for the complete and systematic destruction of the middle class in America? I use the term middle-class as inclusive of all those who are not completely impoverished or excessively wealthy. The people who have jobs, those who own businesses, the mainstream Americans who keep this country going on the day-to-day level. The man who makes donuts, as well as the woman who owns the chain of donut shops. The woman who works as a maid in the local hotel as well as the man who owns the hotel and has started building another one in the town up the road.

There seems to be some feeling amongst the secular-progressives that the middle-class is some special little group of folks that they define according to their political needs. Sometimes it is those making below $250,000. Sometimes it is those making less than $150,000. Sort of depends on how much they want to raise taxes and on how many they wish to impose this tax. They play the same sort of games at the low end of the middle-class defining numbers, too. Based upon their need to raise or lower the poverty level.

Another class warfare game played by secular-progressives is the demonizing of the rich. I'm sorry, but I don't see the rich as evil, just because they are rich. Are there evil people amongst the rich? Yes. Just as there are evil folks amongst the middle-class and those who are poverty-stricken. Evil comes from the heart, not the wallet. Money is not the root of all evil. Greed is usually the root of evil. The syndrome of "I want …". I want more power. I want more money. I want your shoes. I want your wife. I want to be in control. I want __________ (fill in the blank). Greed for something, whether it be an item or an idea. People do evil because they want SOMETHING. Money just happens to be one of the easiest things to blame evil on. But, it really is the people doing evil. Rich, poor, or in between.

Anyway, we need to stop painting the rich (whichever level we decide that category begins at) as EVIL. Are most of them capitalists? Yes. But, capitalists aren't inherently evil either. And, how many poor people are out there providing jobs? It is the upper middle-class and the rich who own most of the businesses that provide employment. Whether at the executive management level or at the personal assistance level. Not too many poverty-stricken people hire maids, use lawn services, employ pool boys, run local stores, or own international conglomerates.

The truth is that a healthy society has many levels. It also offers the opportunity of advancement to all levels. Those at the bottom can work hard and move up. Those at the top can attain even higher goals. At all levels people can reach out and reach down to help others move up the ladder of success. But, if our government's solution to social-economic woes is to hold everyone down, we all fail. Our economy falls. Our society disintegrates. And, eventually, America as we know it is no more.

Class warfare, pitching the richer against the poorer, has long been a tool of the secular-progressives. It is really based upon lies and deceit. A rich man having more does not take it away from a poor woman. There is an unlimited amount of wealth out there. Recessions and depressions don't mean there is less money … it just means it is not as readily available. It is tied up in the paying of debts. Usually government debts. Like having China and other nations owning our national IOUs, so to speak.

I don't hate the poor and I don't hate the rich. I am grateful to not be poverty-stricken, and I aspire to move up the economic ladder someday. Why would I hate either end of the spectrum or resent being in the middle? I have a good life. Most Americans do. Despite what the secular-progressives and their tame media outlet pets try to tell us.

Many of the people living in poverty in America do not go hungry and do have daily shelter. We do have some homeless people. Too many. But, not all of those are homeless by circumstance. Some chose to live that way. And, even for them there are charities providing for some of their basic necessities.

Other people living below the poverty level have homes, televisions, automobiles, computers, appliances, and other items that used to be considered luxuries. Even people in prisons and jails live better than one would think.

What we in America consider poverty would be a dream come true for many persons in third-world nations--places where running water and electricity are denied to huge segments of the population--places where slavery is still practiced--places where disease runs rampant and many children do not live to become adults.

Let's not allow the secular-progressives and other disgruntled segments of our society turn us against one another with falsities and horror stories. Let us look around our communities. Celebrate the good things we have and work together to improve the lot of those less fortunate. But, don't resort to robbing the rich to give to the poor. This does not work! It has been proven time and time again in our history. When the wealthy prosper we all prosper. More money means more jobs means more money means more businesses means more jobs means more money means more … I think you get the idea.

Let's send the class warfare secular-progressive doom-sayers back home! Get their sorry lying butts out of Washington DC. Let's put in some folks who will roll up their sleeves for more than a beer summit or photo op. The kind of politicians who are also citizens and not elitists. The kind who will work for the people. Not expect the people to work for them. The kind of leaders who will lead by example. Good example. Men and women who know the value of a dollar. And, who won't try to take away every last one they can wring out of us. Politicians who see us as citizens not just taxpayers. Who realize it is our income, not their revenue base.

© Suzann C. Darnall, SEPTEMBER 2010

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