ObamaCare: Press "1" for your exemption status

Suzann Darnall

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the Gang were so set on making Health Care Coverage not only available to all … they seemingly wanted it to be mandatory for all. Or so they said. Funny how the stories keep cropping up not only about who is excluded or at least not included, but who can actually opt out. The bad part is that none of the exemption categories seem to include the biggest majority who oppose this excessive intrusion into their lives, privacy, healthcare, rights, and freedoms.

I have not been able to really pin down all of the exemptions or even how they are figured out. Some seem based on religion. Others are by employment (read that as "union membership"). Some seem politically motivated. State of residence apparently affects a select group. And, the list goes on … and on … and on … and …

It turns out that Congress may have inadvertently excluded themselves not only from coverage under the new ObamaCare, but may possibly lose their current special privileged class care. Hmmm … let me look waaay down deep within and see if I am either surprised by their carelessness or concerned about them maybe not having current healthcare coverage. Ummm … that would be a great big "NO!!!"

Meanwhile, the rest of us have a lot of questions, not that the majority of us actually expect any answers. Why should we? They have ignored our questions and concerns all along the way to this debacle. This sham they have signed into law is not only against the will of the citizens, it is seemingly against our constitutional rights, and totally against the laws of common sense!

One question that seems to rise up to the top of concerns, is, "Who's gonna pay for all those deemed "exempt" from buying coverage?" I think most of us are pretty much right on target when we figure it will be placed on the backs of the average citizen in the way of taxes hikes, hidden fees, and inflated co-pays. If there are going to be special groups exempt from paying for their own healthcare coverage … I think American taxpayers should also be exempt from paying FOR those special groups!

However, the question I think most conservative Americans want answered is, "Can we get this idiotic legislation off the books if we vote out all the nut jobs who imposed it on us?" I pray the answer to that one is "YES!" I know I am going to be voting in 2010 and 2012 with that in mind. I hope my sensible friends and neighbors vote that way, too. I hope anyone less sensible stays home from the polls.

© Suzann C. Darnall, APRIL 2010

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