Texas Ain't Perfect . . . But

Suzann Darnall

I really think DC and both coasts could take a lesson or two from what they call the flyover states and what many of us think of as the heart of America. A lot of it is what was the Old West and is still, in many ways, independent cowboy country!

If you do some web-surfing, with the help of a search engine, you can find all sorts of economic info and indicators about what is working for various states and what isn't. For the most part, what is working is taking place in red states. Meanwhile, blue states seem to have some "perfect storm" recipes for getting it pert near all wrong.

Not every red state is thriving economically, just as not every blue state is completely in the financial tank. But, there are numerous indicators that businesses are leaving some blue states for the friendlier tax and business practices offered in some red states.

I am lucky enough to live in one of the currently most economically comfortable states in the union, Texas. I admit to a definite prejudice. I love living here. I like horses, cacti, cowboys, rodeos, and pretty much anything Western and Southern. I get the best of both in Texas. I also like that Texans mostly tend towards common sense in politics and independence for citizens. Not a lot of nanny-state mentality around here . . . if we ignore some of the leftover hippy liberals up in the Austin area.

One big advantage to Texas is that there is no personal state income tax. Texas is also considered one of the best economies and one of the best states in which to start a business. In addition, Texas is one of the least debt-ridden states and considered to be one of the more fiscally responsible.

Also, Texas has one of the "friendlier" attitudes about citizens owning guns which is, in my mind, indicative of them wishing to allow us to remain citizens and not become mere serfs of the state. It seems that the more a state infringes upon rights like gun-ownership, the more it starts stepping all over the rights of the people. Not something I've fact-checked, just a personal observation from watching and reading, as well as living many different places over the years.

While tree-hugging, animal rights activists, and the EPA have even infiltrated across the Texas state line, they haven't yet convinced the majority of the population that trees or critters are more important than people. This doesn't mean that Texans don't care for our environment; we just face the reality that the earth is made to be lived upon and its resources to be used. This can make it a lot easier for farms, ranches, and businesses to survive and even thrive.

I guess what it really comes down to for me, is common sense versus progressivism. I see far too many blue states and Liberals making decisions that just don't make sense. Washington DC, especially at this point in time, is a perfect example. In the name of their idea of progress, they are willing to run roughshod over our rights, spending recklessly in the process. Some states have already done this or are now doing so.

Maybe we need another Ronald Regan. He was not only a cowboy on screen, in many ways he was a cowboy in real life. Out on his California ranch, clearing brush, riding horses, being bigger than life. And, he reined in the Soviets and big government just the way he reined in his horse. He just cleared the path to where we needed to go. We need someone to do that again. Cowboyin' is a state of mind, even if you ain't in Texas. And, you know what? Obama ain't no cowboy! The closest he comes is spreading his load of manure along whatever messy trail he and his Progressives are creating.

© Suzann C. Darnall, FEBRUARY 2010

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