Bipartisan Compromise

Suzann Darnall

Obama's definition of "bipartisanship" reminds me of some people's definition of "compromise". They both seem to mean "do it my way". Now, I'm not big on compromising, but I do at least know what the word means. I just avoid doing it whenever possible. Wow! Who'd have ever thought I'd have ANYTHING in common with Obama?

He chastises the Republicans for not being bipartisan, yet it is his super-majority of Democrats in Congress that haven't been able to agree long enough to do all the damage he wants done. But, it isn't really bipartisanship that Obama is striving for anyway; he simply wants everyone to give in to his demands. He doesn't want a bipartisanship agenda, he wants HIS agenda. He wants the Progressive agenda that takes so much from the people and really gives nothing back. The only thing really bipartisan about the Progressive agenda is that citizens could end up screwed by the Progressives who really are in both parties.

He proclaimed throughout his campaign how he was going to be so bipartisan, yet has held numerous meetings where Republicans were not invited. He not only doesn't give them a seat at the table, he doesn't let them into the room, and sometimes doesn't even tell them anything is being done at a table in a room anywhere in DC.

Some polls show that, under Obama, the polarization in DC is at least as bad as it has ever been and possibly the worst ever. This polarization is just one more thing angering and upsetting the American people. Citizens seem to be well aware that partisan politics benefits parties and politicians far more than it does people and country.

The one place you do see bipartisanship is in the citizens massing together in their opinion that they don't like Obama, don't want his "change", and aren't thrilled with most of the denizens of DC politics. Oh, and I suppose it could be considered bipartisanship in that they seem to hate the majority of Democrat and Republican politicians pretty evenly.

Obama's actions speak far louder than his words when it comes to bipartisanship. He has encouraged the Democrats in Congress to push things through, despite opposition from Republicans and citizens. He belittles the GOP and conservative citizens repeatedly. Of course, there again, he does have a measure of bipartisanship, 'cause he frequently belittles anyone from any party who refuses to get in line with what he wants. Oh, and that now includes the Supreme Court of the United States.

In my opinion, Obama has not only NOT transcended partisan-politics-as-usual in Washington, he has added an even more divisive element by introducing Chicago-style partisan-politics-as-usual to the mix with the closed-door, back-room wheelin'-n-dealin' (can you say health care bills?) and what amounts to bribery for votes (anyone remember Ben Nelson and Mary Landreau?). Let's not forget the strong-arm tactics used by SEIU, ACORN, and other "friends" of Obama's agenda. The Chicago Illinois political machine done come to DC with a vengeance, and I don't think they ever thought too much of bipartisanship in what's been a primarily blue state for what seems like forever.

Going back to Tammany Hall and Boss Tweed, in the mid 1800s, you can trace Chicago's corrupt Democratic political machine's legacy right to the current occupant of the White House. Anyone doubting this needs to look at the links between Obama, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, Valerie Jarret, David Axelrod, and far too many other questionable contacts to mention. The Democrat Progressives apparently found it just too easy to infiltrate an already corrupt organization and turn it to their own purposes.

What all of this adds up to is that there is no way Obama is going to actually work for bipartisan solutions to current American problems. He is steeped in the Chicago and Progressive traditions of politics done one way: their way! He doesn't care about making things better for the American people. He just cares about furthering the Progressive agenda that he has been groomed to fulfill since he first started down this path way back in his youth.

I say we do our part to show Obama what true bipartisanship can be. All of us more conservative citizens, from both sides of the aisle, need to vote out the useless Progressives from both sides of the aisle, and put in some honest, hardworking conservative folks who will do the will of the people, not the will of the politicians.

Let's not compromise on this! Let's clean house in 2010 and 2012. In fact, let's clean out both Houses of Congress and the White House while we're at it!

© Suzann C. Darnall, JANUARY 2010

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