This is Not a Won and Done

Suzann Darnall

While we can take a few moments to savor the victory in Massachusetts and the Senate, with Scott Brown winning the long-time so-called "Kennedy seat", we must not rest upon our … ummm … laurels for too long. Conservatives still have a lot of work to do.

I am slowly switching over, in my mind, from thinking so much of people and politicians as Democrats and Republicans, as considering them more as Liberals (AKA: Progressives) and Conservatives. I also tend to deem Conservatives as being much more likely to be Patriots in the old-fashioned sense that the word conveys to me. People who believe in and support our Constitution, our rights, our country, and our military. Not something that can really be said of the one-world one-government weenies that run amok on the Far Left and have even infiltrated less radical aspects of our government and society.

Yes, I fear I very much have a kind of "them versus us" mentality regarding the political arena, because politics, government, and laws affect every single aspect of our lives. Even more so when we actually have a government being run by people who want to be totally in charge of every single aspect of our lives. The Progressives have ever so slowly been pushing to have government encroaching more and more on things that should not be in their purview at all.

I am not saying I am throwing the GOP entirely out of my political life, I am just being lots more interested in knowing for sure who in the GOP is a Conservative and who is a Progressive hiding as a RINO (Republican In Name Only). I am extremely concerned with making sure we send home as many of the DC politicos who are slaves to the DC power-plays and not actually servants of the people. I want Senators and Representatives who believe it is all about what "We The People" truly want and not about what they think might be best for us in their own little elitist minds.

While I know that even amongst Conservatives there will be differences of opinion on some issues, I think we can find enough common ground to stand strong against those who would continue to try to weaken us. We just need to be selective and not forget what we are fighting for! We need to take back our country and work to reinstate in their fullness the rights that have been nibbled upon and leeched away by the power-hungry blood-sucking hordes in DC.

We need to look to those who will truly be fiscally responsible and this means no more pork barrel spending. We need politicians who are in touch with the mainstream feelings and beliefs of their constituents. We also need to demand that our government operate above board in its dealings with its citizens.

Right now we have a group of morons in DC who seem to have it all backwards about who wears the white hats and who wears the black hats. Citizens are kept in the dark while they go wheelin'-n-dealin' behind closed doors, despite promises of transparency in government. But, they spread anything and everything they feel like that might empower our enemies against us, particularly as it relates to our war on terror and our intelligence community's methods. This is just wrong!

Progressives have been around since the start of the last century and they were in both parties.. Theodore Roosevelt was a Republican Progressive and Woodrow Wilson was a Democrat Progressive. Both started us down the road to both bigger government nationally and a more "one-world" governing body internationally. Franklin D. Roosevelt led us further down that road and implemented a whole boatload of the "social reforms" that Progressives just love. Social reforms usually mean various types of government control and welfare projects. Welfare being a passive form of government control to my way of thinking.

To paraphrase a somewhat famous quote: Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself. Make him come to you to get his fish and you can make him do just about anything rather than go hungry. I personally do not want to go to the government to get my fish. I'd rather make a pole and sit by the creek in freedom, even if I occasionally go hungry 'cause the fish ain't bitin'. There's always berries, rabbits, birds, or the option of taking off a few pounds by dieting.

We have taken a few steps away from the Progressives in these past months. The TEA Parties were a big step. The isolated Republicans being elected where the Democrats thought they had lock-downs are also satisfying movement in the right direction. But, we must keep on marching in the right direction if we are actually going to make headway against those who would suppress us.

God bless the USA! God bless our military. And, thank the Lord for our right to vote! Let's now us that right and that vote to make sure we never lose the freedoms it so fragilely represents.

© Suzann C. Darnall, JANUARY 2010

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