Suzann Darnall

It is my opinion that our country is in grave danger. I feel it is no longer about Left versus Right, Democrat versus Republican, Libertarian versus Green Party, or any of the usual divisions we consider. I think it has become Oppression versus Freedom.

There is a systematic infiltration of our society at all levels by government. An insidious reduction of our rights is being perpetrated. We have long ceased to be seen as citizens by much of our politicians. They mainly appear to consider us nothing more than taxpayers and convenient voters to be duped. But, it is my fear that their ultimate goal is to reduce us even further to mere subjects in their realm of totalitarian control.

I see the encroachments of government takeovers or attempted takeovers of business, banking, real estate, health care, communications, and beyond. They want to tell us what to eat, how to raise our children, whether we can pray, when we can speak out and about what, who we should vote for, how long we can live, and more, more, more. It boggles the mind and even suggesting it is thought to be unreal impossible, foolishness, radical, unless you are reading and listening to current events. It is happening. Right here. Right now. Yes, in America!

Obama has appointed an army of Shadow Lords with unprecedented access and powers. Some refer to them as "Czars", others call them advisors. I call them DANGEROUS! Who is vetting these people? What approval process is taking place? Is there any voter input into their selections? Whereby do they get any authority? How do we get rid of them if they overstep the bounds? Is anyone setting any boundaries on what they can and cannot do? If so, who? And, do we have any say in any of this at all???

These steps are an erosion of our system of government. The checks and balances are removed when such weighty outside influence is put into play. This ultimately leeches away at our rights. We already have difficulty getting our elected representatives to heed our voices. What reason do those who need not fear voters' wrath have for paying any attention to what we want?

The middle-class, which may well be the reason America came into being and has survived for more than 200 years, is being taken apart piece by piece. Small business is under attack. The economy is being ruined. The "aid" coming out of Washington, DC seems to be aimed at those below the poverty level, illegal immigrants, and the extremely wealthy. The so-called common man is being forgotten and required to fend for himself, until he is unemployed, then he becomes a chip that Obama wants to gather into his fold. I think one of the goals may be to make as many people unemployed as possible. I think they want to eliminate the middle-class and end up with two classes: the ruled and the ruling.

It matters not whether you think of Fascists, Socialists, or Jihadists, yes, Nazis, too … they all come down to one thing: totalitarian government. Control of all by the few. Everyone will live by the rules or they will die. This is what took place in Russia in 1917, what took place in Germany beginning in 1933, and what has taken place in all countries where freedom is trampled into non-existence by dictatorial regimes of any kind. It is what could happen to us, if we are not vigilant.

We started this great nation with a revolution against a tyrant from across the sea. We are now facing a whole sea of tyrants right here at home. One of the complaints in 1776 was about taxation without representation. Well, I say we are once again facing that same dilemma, because very few of us are being represented by those we have elected to office … not to mention all the Shadow Lord appointees that are not required to answer to us in any way.

I pray all Americans look back at our past glory. A past where Americans fought for their liberty and the liberty of others. A past filled with freedoms. A past filled with honor. A past filled with patriots! And, then look forward. Imagine a future without freedom. A future where we have no rights. A future that will be forced upon us … unless we act now.

We must speak out against tyranny! We must demand that our government remember that they serve us, we do not serve them! Do not go quietly into their dark night. Do not let them silence our voices. Do not let them steal our future. The future of our children. Study and learn from the past. Compare the "thens" to the "now". See the patterns of force and repudiate them! Above all, remember: Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

© Suzann C. Darnall, AUGUST 2009

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