Freedom WITH Religion

Okey King, Jr.


I finally got a chance to peruse your writings. I am certainly not one of those so called progressive whatevers. I remember the progressives who, at the turn of the 20th Century, believed that things were going to become a paradise. All wars were to be ended. All diseases were to be eliminated. It would be a perfect society. Instead,the 20th Century became the darkest Century on record, and the 21st is continuing the trend. If I was to be branded, I would be painted a Conservative. To some, I might somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun. To others, I would be somewhere on the left. That is me as an American with my American Citizenship.

As an American, I have always supported religious freedom for our own protection. But, Christians are the only ones thought not to have the freedom of religion. Christians in America, and in other parts of the world, are the under full attack because we do not battle against flesh and blood. The commanding general of all the opposition, either to our freedoms in general or our Christian existence, is Satan.

Since Christ died on the cross, Satan has only one weapon ...a lie. But he has used it to perfection.

There are some things that I would like to think that I would stand up and die for...especially the right to bear arms and the right to own property. It was the desire to own our own property that brought us to this country. A poor man could not own property in Europe. And I get fighting mad when those things are challenged.

One one front, a Christian American has a duty to fight tyranny on the visible front. That puts us in direct conflict with flesh and blood. But, it is a battle in which we can see the enemy. And it is a conflict in which those who are protecting our hard earned rights always must be on the offense...not the defense. The problem is, just like in the American War of Independence, just a few fight for the rest who sit on the fence to see which way the battle is going to go. They don't want to fight, but they want some of the bread that the little red hen baked.

Now, the other front is not so easy to comprehend. Like the other front, the enemy general is still Satan. In fact, it is not two wars but two arenas of the same huge, ancient war. And it is not a human war but a war between God and Satan which, since Christians belong to God, as well as all other humans, Satan has chosen to involve us as well.

Our war against those who are in power today and who would like to destroy what we believe in, is just a small part of the larger war.

Now, I know that we might not see eye to eye on spiritual matters. But, I know that there are some things we agree on.

I find my calling more on the second front and have been receiving a lot from God on that.

I have no problem with being a radical. It means that I am just different from the world.

I am involved in spiritual warfare.

I believe that spiritual warfare is prayer for the lost.

I believe that prayer is the door to the harvest field.

I believe that what is at stake in the war is lost souls.

I try to pray for the lost three times a day.

I believe that there is only one hope for America...Jesus Christ.

I will give you this one little page of mine and I will close. You may not agree with everything, but I will send it anyway.

God bless

American Cousin Okey

(Rev. King is a pastor, author and military veteran)

© Okey King, Jr., October 2010

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