Just A Few Thoughts

Mike Kirby

Hi Curt,

I just have a few thoughts that you might be able to help me with:

1. I think that since, for eight years, the liberals felt the election was stolen, they didn't see anything wrong with stealing the election, which they truly did. How else could you see a virtual unknown with enough skeletons in a his closet to fill a cemetery win the election?

2. Their group, Acorn, is appropriately named; they're all nuts. Isn't the meat of the acorn bitter? These people sure seem to be.

3. I suppose we shouldn't complain about the DNC tactics. They could have been like the Taliban and cut off fingers. Maybe they made a few threats, cheated, lied, padded the election with fictitious names, had thugs around some voting locations to threaten people, etc., etc., but at least they didn't cut off fingers. I'm just worried they may use that tactic during the 2010 elections. Anything for a vote.

4. I heard that Obama and his ilk just committed $10 billion to Brazil for oil exploration. So are you telling me that its okay to drill in other parts of the world, but its not okay to drill in the US where it can be better controlled environmentally; plus, it would benefit the US more? Especially since it is our money? Don't we have a say so how our money is spent? Stupid questions! Oh, isn't it also interesting that George Soros recently invested millions in Brazil in oil. Does this sound like a payoff to you?

5. Isn't it funny that people like George Soros, Gore, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Kennedy, Biden, etc. are pushing the "share the wealth" theme and the socialized health care down the American people's throats? Why haven't they equalized their own wealth with the others in the US? and are they willing to wait in line the same as everyone else when it comes to health care? My guess is that they most definitely will not share their wealth or lower themselves to socialized health care. They are above those things.

6. Let me ask the question and perhaps you can put it into a more clear context. Let's say that there are five people. One earns $100,000, the next earns $75,000, the third earns $50,000, the fourth earns $25,000, and the fifth person earns nothing. By equalizing wealth, that means the when you average it out, all five will receive $50,000. Now let's say that those earning money realize that it is obviously futile to earn money and then have to share it, therefore, they work less and make less. Of course the one earning nothing is all excited because he just made $50,000 to do nothing. How long will it take for those earning money decide they're tired of making money for those who don't exert effort and therefore slow down dramatically or quit working altogether? BUT, I'm sure that by distributing wealth, in Obama's view, that won't happen. WHY? Well, I recall that prior to Comrade Obama taking over the US, his sweet wife said that Obama would require that all people work...no choice. Hmm, so what happens to those who don't work or openly rebel.? We don't have a Siberia, but we do have Barrow Alaska.

7. Can you tell me what the difference is in this scenario? When George Bush was president, the Democrapic Party tried to undermine him at every turn. They wanted to impeach him, charge him, and openly criticized him on anything and everything. Now when people try and voice their opinions on our sitting dictator, czars, and followers, they're not supposed to and are classified as mobs, hate mongers, racists, Nazis, closed minded followers of talk radio, etc. I'm assuming the difference is that those who were worse during the Bush administration were concerned citizens with open minds. What happened to our rights to free speech? By the way, the reason I often listen to talk radio is because theirs and those of the listening audience are often similar to my own views. There are many times I don't agree. But for the sake of those open minded liberals, bahhh. I'm a sheep following my talk show shepherds.

8. I'm just curious about when a thirty foot statue of Obama with his hands extended towards Mecca will be placed on the mall.

Finally, I have a friend that has just started his blog. I thought you would be interested. I asked him if he cared who saw it or used it and he said anyone. Socialism Is The Wrong System For The U.S.!

Take care and have a great day.


© Mike Kirby, August 2009

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