Robbin' 'Hood

C.Dale & S.Darnall

We all know the story of Robin Hood. He robbed the rich to give to the poor. Sorta sounds like what Obama wants to do, right? Hike up taxes for the rich, share the wealth with the less affluent? Well, you are in the right story … just got the casting a wee bit off. Obama isn't the hero. He's not Robin Hood. He's Prince John! Our own little Prince JohnObama, robbin' in the 'hood … the neighborhood of every taxpaying citizen in America!

Remember the Disney cartoon "Robin Hood" with all the critter characters? It is amazing how quickly, for us, some of them become the caricature of the people in Congress and the White House that so many of us despise. Sir Hiss becomes Senator SlitheReid as we start making comparisons. Sir Hiss played both sides just like Reid.

Just think of Prince John, sucking thumb in mouth, ears sticking out from under the Crown, then imagine the same crown on our current President's head. Certainly he needs to put his thumb in his mouth most of the time, given the incredible gaffs he makes. "Mummy!"

We think the Sheriff of Nottingham is surely Hillary Clinton (Wrong gender? Well, who knows? Maybe. Maybe not?) if for no other reason than the sheriff was called Bushel Britches at one point. It fits perfectly. Think of some of the parting shots of her in those yellow pantsuits. Bushel Britches, for sure.

Barney Frank is definitely the buzzard deputy sheriff, Nutsy, and Henry Waxman is surely the other buzzard, Trigger!

I assure you that Michelle Obama is not Maid Marian, but the way she walks brings to mind the waddling of Lady Kluck. However, Lady Kluck was one of the good "guys," so that takes Michelle out of that role.

Nancy Pelosi has her role in Robin Hood, too. It just happens to come from a different filming of the tale. There was a rather creepy old crone, Latrine, working her black magics in "Men in Tights". Easy to imagine Pelosi with a boiling cauldron doing her evil deeds (or deals) in her tower … ummm, office, in DC.

The Sheriff's posse and the castle guards are surely the various secular progressive politicians and liberal media. While Fox News, talk radio, and true conservative politicians must be the Band of Merry Men that helped Robin Hood restore balance of power.

Fortunately for us, the good guys are well-represented too. I think Friar Tuck is most definitely Glenn Beck, with his concern for things spiritual, as well as economic, political, and social. While Bill O'Reilly, at 6'4", could be cast as no one less than Little John. And, the strutting rooster, crooning all the news to the people, must be Sean Hannity, especially with his freedom concerts. Maid Marian could be played by a number of fine women: Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, and many more.

We do not yet know who is Robin Hood. Ronald Reagan would have been great for the part, but, perhaps he is more suited to the absentee King Richard role. A noble man, who has gone to the promised land. Thus, since he is no longer with us, we must seek through all the land for a proper successor. Someone with courage, morals, and ethics. And, it need not be a part played only by a man. A woman of values and valor would serve equally well as protector of the truth, defender of the faith, guardian of freedom.

If you want to get a perfect report of what Prince JohnObama has done to Washington DC and America, just listen to "Not in Nottingham." It covers our tax increases, our economy and the desperation of the people. When I see Prince JohnObama now, I just want to sing "The Phoney Prez from Kenya" to the tune of "The Phoney King of England." It fits, too.

Just like Prince John, Prince JohnObama is robbing through taxation. The taxes gathered in merry olde England went into the coffers of Prince John and his cohorts, not unlike the mysterious places the stimulus money ended up. Places where it would seem destined to fund Prince Obama's next election. Or, at the very least garner favoritism from possible reelection supporters.

Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men may well have been the forerunners of the TEA Party. Those who intervened to take back what Prince John stole and return it to the people. Just as conservatives in America look to the TEA Party and similar conservative political movements to help us take back Washington DC. To remove the onerous yoke of taxes the Obama/Pelosi/Reid spending spree has laid across the shoulders of even the unborn. Debt that will pile up far into our future, unless we put a stop to it now. And, this includes those taxes they hide under other names: fees, fines, dues, assessments, tolls, etc.

There is currently a story riding high in the national news about a small community in California, Bell, that was allegedly ripped off for $5.5 million by several of their city officials. While I do not question the heinous aspect of this crime against citizens, I do ask why is the national media not more concerned about the on-going money scandal perpetrated out of Washington, DC on a much larger scale???

We cannot cry, "Wherefore art thou, King Richard"? Though we'd like a knight in shining armor to come and get rid of this scumbag crew, we must do the work ourselves. We must campaign to mobilize the conservatives of America. We must all vote out those who do not share our values. We must rid America of the unethical henchmen of the secular progressive movement. Those who would enslave us with their coils of unrelenting government regulation and taxation.

Just as the small community of Bell is demanding restitution from and punishment for those who scammed an entire town, we must ask for justice and relief from those who have been scamming a nation! We must demand that the secular progressives be held accountable for the damage they have done to our freedom, society, and economy. While we cannot get the money back or put them in prison, we can send their sorry butts home! Kick them out of governments all across this great nation. Whether they serve in town, city, county, state or national office … send them home! It might not be the Tower of London, but I'm sure it will serve the purpose!!! They will feel the loss of power just as mightily as Prince John felt his loss upon King Richard's return from the Crusades.

And, let it not be lost upon us that King Richard was fighting a holy war against the then-called Mohammedans. He was, in effect, facing danger abroad from direct warfare, while the insidious home-grown evils were working against all he stood for. We are fighting on two fronts ourselves at this time in our history. We are trying to keep ourselves safe from further attacks by Islamic terrorists, as well as trying to prevent our loss of religious freedom (as well as other rights) due to attacks here at home by secular progressives.

Not sure if we need a King Richard or Robin Hood, or both, but we do need all the help we can get to send the current lot packin'! Let's get out the word and get out the vote! Let us gather, not in Sherwood Forest, but at rallies, online, and eventually at polling places, to make a difference in America. To bring about the kind of change that works for America. Not the kind of change brought about by Prince JohnObama and his minions. Their change just has us working for them. Working to pay the ever increasing taxes for their never-ending greed. Greed for power. We must take back the power, just as Robin Hood took back the bags of gold! Let's gather as a band of merry Americans and take back what is ours: American Government! Vote conservative!!!

© Curtis D. Dale & Suzann C. Darnall, SEPTEMBER 2010

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