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I saw Sen Mark Warner (D-Va), on FOX News, proposing a new tier for the Obamacare exchanges. It would be another offering in the ever more silly looking efforts to salvage the worst law ever cobbled in Washington, DC. Previously, there have been Gold, Silver and Bronze plans. Those don't seem to be selling too many folks. So, Warner and Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) have floated a COPPER PLAN. It would cover about 50% of medical costs.

Let me help you two nummy Obama sycophants! I want to give you additional plans to help Obama and Sibelius prove to the non-information citizens and illegals that this disaster is not a disaster.

I think the POTMETAL PLAN would be very helpful to Obama. It would be even cheaper, easier to break, won't last long, and can be polished up to look like it's far more valuable. Then, I propose the SILLYPUTTY PLAN which can be made into different forms within a minute, allowing the OBMACARE NAVIGATORS to always be right in what they offer. What they say will be meaningless, just like now, but that will never be proven, as it will look like a different plan before the person can get to the doctor-if a doctor is even included. Could be a Kenyan medicine man, of course! Now, the PLAYDOUGH PLAN is the least expensive. Actually, it's almost free. You just make up an imaginary plan, and pretend you have one. It doesn't get you any care, but it allows Obama to make the claim that you signed up.

OK, Mark(s), I've made it easy for you. POTMETAL, SILLYPUTTY, and PLAYDOUGH Plans will nearly double the exchanges' offerings.

Oh, let me help you politically, too. There is the DOGCRAP plan. It, like the PLAYDOUGH PLAN, is useless, but is totally free and represented by fake dog droppings. Make it smell like real dog poop, then blame it all on the Republicans and George Bush.

Now, Senators, this is an Obamacare Plan that is just as useful and makes even more sense than what you two, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Hussein Obama pushed down our throats. It's half a page as opposed to 25,000 pages plus departmental directives by the millions of pages.

Is what you just read bordering on insanity? Sure! Of course it is! But you got to read it before it was passed into law and so did we. And, so is everything about Obamacare insane! Well, that's not too precise. EVERYTHING OBAMA HAS DONE,I repeat, EVERYTHING, is insane. Benghazi, Crimea, Ukraine, Syria, Georgia (FSR), Obamacare, IRS, NSA, Cash for Clunkers, all the Bailouts. EVERYTHING he touches turns to chaos.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), MARCH 2014, Parker, Colorado

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