Curt Dale

The media anchors keep wringing their hands and asking, "What should Obama do about Ukraine"? and I vehemently reply, "Nothin'"! I really don't want him to do anything. Tell me one thing Barry has ever done that he didn't totally foul up, and if he touches this, he will screw it up even worse than he already has. Please consider what he's done in 5 years and find one thing that he hasn't turned into a total catastrophe: rendered our great military essentially ineffective in 5 years though cuts, by firing the good generals and admirals; Obamacare is a disaster; Bailout was a disaster; Insurance bailout a pending disaster; Benghazi absolutely traitorous; turned into an essential terrorist organization; IRS; ignoring Keystone pipeline has cost most of us much of our income; gasoline prices (doubled to tripled); his EPA has created mass destruction though manmade disasters; essentially destroyed "balance of power" in our government; enormously enhanced illegal immigration; shovel ready jobs weren't; destroyed respect for the Oval Office and the Office of the Presidency; messing up on Syria by doing nothing; fouling up the withdrawal from Iraq, and Iran, making a fool of himself about Guantanamo Bay; working to destroy Israel; destroying the respect of other nations for America; ad infinitum.

Barack Hussein Obama has no sense of history, no sense of the actual world situation, and would have no idea of how to take action. Keep in mind that Sarah Palin told us this Ukraine scenario was highly probably when she was running for Vice President. But he and his lot poo-pooed her. Now, here it is on Obama's plate, and he has vastly weakened the U. S. Military to the degree that he does not have the ability to respond militarily. Frankly, even if Obama had sufficient military, he doesn't know how to employ it, and has chosen new generals and admirals who are such sycophants that they probably couldn't help much either.

With the 20,000 plus Russian troops who have moved into The Crimea already and others standing by to move into the eastern Ukraine at Putin's whim, Obama is caught with his bare, er, uh, face hanging out, lookin' and soundin' dumber than dirt, and letting Lurch Kerry blabber like an idiot about what powerful things the US can do. We generally can't do squat, folks.

When I was in the Air War College, we studied the Folda Gap Scenario as a possibility of how the USSR could take over Europe. It would have been a monstrous battle, but we'd have had a good chance of winning. Now, Obama has wiped out that advantage through his total disdain for military power and ignorance of what its value is to national security and international leverage. He just threw it all away in a few short months. I don't know whether to laugh at Obama's stupidity or to cry at the horrible results of his stupidity.

Obama said, today, that, this move by Putin 'will be a costly proposition for Russia." Hey, dummy! Thus far, without firing a shot, 16,000 Russian troops have walked into the Crimea, and took over a major part of a nation. Free, too! Does taking over the assets of this magnificent 10,000 square mile peninsula with a whole coast line of ports, coves and bays on the Black Sea, and operating year round seaport for the Russian Navy, airbases, and a strategic location, all priceless, seem to be a "costly proposition for Russia?" Costly to Russia, Mr. President! Not quite. Actually "priceless proposition for Russia"! Barry, sounded like the incompetent boob he is, today. It is "almost" painful for me to refer to the President of the United States in such terms. I didn't even say that about LBJ, Carter or Clinton. They had not reached that low level but Obama fully qualifies for the description.

Obama set himself up for this situation over the past 5 years. And he also set up a marvelous chess move for Putin. Putin can move right into the eastern Ukraine, and he probably has Poland quaking in its boots, Romania can just as easy a conquest, and Turkey is pretty much fair game if Putin wishes. Obama has helped decimate the EU and NATO forces, so what will they do to slow down Putin? Consider also that Putin's just signed a pact with China that doubles his ante in many ways. Will China now make the same move into Taiwan to reclaim it? I wonder what warning Obama will give to China when it makes its move? Maybe economic sanctions against China? Oh, keep in mind that they just about own us, guys, with the trillions of debt we have. Not much leverage left there, huh? I and millions of others fought the Cold War successfully to the point Ronald Reagan was able to say, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall"! And, Gorbachev did. Vladamir Putin is poised to put the USSR back together. And all Obama does is talk!

So, what should Obama do? I'll make two suggestions. First, shut his yap, and quit making it worse! Second, resign?

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), MARCH 2014, Parker, Colorado

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