Sometimes I Must Laugh Uproariously at Stupidity - Obama's of Course!

Curt Dale

Let me take a deep breath and laugh uncontrollably at President Barack Hussein Obama. No, he's not really comically gifted, funny or entertaining; he's teleprompter droll and boring, in fact. Is it Ok to laugh at a gross gaffe or unilateral faux pas by the top public figure in the United States? Rhetorical question! Really don't care if it's OK or not, I will do it if I want to.

When I talk about hilariously stupid things, I'll have to talk of one particular category of his stupidity. I'm not talking about Obamacare. Obamacare is an incredibly stupid thing he has done to our nation, but there is no humor in it. Neither is his failure to act in any way to save our diplomat and diplomatic corps people in Benghazi, or telling us Al Qaeda is dead a couple of years back. Those are stupidly tragic things. Trying to take away our guns, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, are not remotely entertaining. Those actions are simply unconstitutional, not amusing.

However, my daughter, Sue, called to ask, "Have you seen Obama's latest diplomatic gaffe?" I thought she was talking about him walking along on the White House Grounds, behind the President of France, and saying to the person walking with him (caught with clear audio and video) "That's what's nice about being President. I can do anything I want."

Now, that wasn't what Sue was asking about. She wanted to know if I'd seen that Obama was having a State Dinner, and it would be given in a tent on the White House grounds. Well that is awkward enough, but the forecast temperature in D.C. for the time of the dinner: 17 degrees. See what I mean about hilariously stupid? Gee, I wonder if he might let them take an outdoor pool dip and win a Polar Bear patch? This guy is freaking weird at best.

We're not talking about such so called gaffes as Dan Quail misspelling "potato." It's not like GW pronouncing "nuclear" with his West Texas accent. Those don't evidence stupidity. Telling a person within earshot of cameras and media "That's what's nice about being President. I can do anything I want"! Is the act of either a mentally deficient or totally deranged man, but I'll leave it at "stupid beyond description." Might I also say it's condescension and arrogance beyond my wildest imagination.

No, I do not laugh a people of low mentality, but I can certainly laugh hysterically at nut-jobs who do utterly stupid thing, unworthy of their supposed education and station. I extend my derisive laughter to the equally mentally deficient "Obamapologists" of the media who defend his ever-ongoing craziness. This president is a never matched, haughty, overbearing, disrespectful piece of work, and I'll give myself the pleasure of laughing at him without reservation.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), FEBRUARY 2014, Parker, Colorado

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