Obama went freaking nuts after being told "No!"

Curt Dale

Bobblehead Obama is totally off his meds and having a hissy fit from being defied on his precious Obamacare's funding. I've been looking at the blatantly insane things he's causing around our nation as he takes the government shutdown to completely unconstitutional, intentionally harmful, logically warped and malicious levels. I've been looking for those things that stand out most to me. Only a total imbecile would go to this level of vindictiveness, and that imbecile is the President of the United States. Does Congress share any responsibility for the shutdown of government? Of course! A large number of us see the actions the House took as doing their job. But Obama is at fault and responsible for the beyond-the-pale stupidity we're seeing blamed on the shutdown. He went nuts on Sequestering, and now he's in high gear with outrageous actions and trying to blame them on Congress.

Possibly, Obama's most stupid, yes, stupid, is making the National Park Service tell charter fishing boat captains that they have closed the Florida Bay due to the shutdown. Fishing boats can't operate here to take fishermen into 1,100 square miles of wide, open ocean during shutdown. He added Biscayne National Park to the same closure. Anglers can't go out with family and friends to enjoy fishing. The Park Rangers will have to police this area, shooing people out, keeping them from the waters, maybe even arresting them if threats are carried out. During sea survival training, I parachuted into Biscayne Bay and enjoyed the comforts of a tiny one man raft for some 6 hours right in the middle of Biscayne Bay. So, I appreciate the size of even that policing task. Thinking he can keep people out of 1,100 square miles of open ocean in the Keys is akin to early dementia. This effort will take more Park Rangers to police the POTUS ban than would normally be on duty. So, it is a vindictive exercise to "make things as difficult as possible on the people." Why would I claim that? One Park Ranger supervisor reported that he was told "to make things as difficult as possible" on the people, is guidance issued Rangers by the National Park Service part from the Administration. He also declared, "It's disgusting."

We know that he had the World War II Memorial and all the other Memorials on the Washington Mall closed in a fit of pique, only to have WWII Veterans from the Invasion of Normandy cast the barricades aside and go in to see THEIR memorial. Washington Monument, the Vietnam Memorial, the Korean Memorial, Iwo Jima Memorial are barricaded from any entrance by their veterans and dear families. (I love the play on words used by "The Great One," talk show host, Mark Levin. He said they are "Barrycaded." How appropriate his coined word! I intend to use his term as it's so perfectly descriptive of the presidential snit.) I see that not only the WWII Veterans are defying and ignoring the Barrycades. Veterans and visitors are throwing them aside at the Vietnam Memorial ("The Wall") and at the Korean War Memorial as well, under threat of arrest. Vietnam Veterans and visitors who had knocked the Barrycades aside were escorted out by police, but they immediately went right back in, defying the Barrycades again. Seems there are some patriotic and thinking Americans who know how to lead the charge to defy stupid. Have they decided it isn't unlawful to defy the unlawful? Is it surprising that many of the brave veteran chucking aside the heinous Barrycades were the ones who charged Normandy, Bastogne, Inchon, Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, Hue and a long list of other enemy fortresses. Obama even had the American Battle Monuments Commission shut down two dozen US Military cemeteries in foreign nations, and closed all its memorials and monuments. How many family members saved for year and crossed the ocean to visit the grave of their fallen loved one, only to be denied access to salve Barry's EGOBAMA. Does this help Barry feel he "rules the world?" I am in no way surprised at how heavily Obama has targeted the military, past present and future, in his frenzy. I've written about his closure of the Military Commissaries. That affects the active duty military, taking money from them by forcing them to buy necessities at higher commercial prices, does the same to military retirees, and depletes the personal funds of both for the future. I thought I knew Obama's disdain for the military, but these actions go beyond my wildest imagination, and they certainly cement that thought for posterity.

Here's what he's doing to Catholic Priests as they attempt to carry out their religious duties for US Military members on bases as reported by John Schlageter, the general counsel for the Archdiocese for the Military Services USA, in an op-ed this week. "With the government shutdown, many [government service] and contract priests who minister to Catholics on military bases worldwide are not permitted to work - not even to volunteer. During the shutdown, it is illegal for them to minister on base and they risk being arrested if they attempt to do so." Not only did Obama violate First Amendment Rights by impeding the rights of these people to practice their religion in the way they choose, but he violated the right of peaceable assembly for the Veterans and others going to the wartime memorials. Will any future president and administration have the gumption to take him and his cohorts to task for such illegal actions against Americans?

He has had Mt. Vernon, the Plantation home of President George Washington shutdown by having his federal workers close the parking lot, cutting off the privately owned memorial. The federals government merely shares ownership of the parking lot with the private organization that restored, maintains and operates the national treasure. So, Obama's overbearing directions take precedent in the shared ownership and closes Mt. Vernon to tourists who want to visit there.

We know that the National Parks are closed, as we expected, but closure of these open air Memorials is a display of his incredible dislike for anything patriotic, for the military or even the memory of what heroes of the past have done. I will continue to maintain that Obama wants all adulation, all ceremony, all celebration focused upon him and him alone. His Imperial Presidency is his first priority. He's willing to make things "as difficult as possible for the people" if they choose to look toward anything else as being more praiseworthy than he. It's perfectly ok to herd them like cattle, fence them out like livestock, and punish them for any complain against his repressive and costly policies.

I contend that the Republicans, or anyone who is defying Obama on funding Obamacare, are not ultimately responsible for these horrible consequences of this government shutdown. Yes, fundamental things happen in a shutdown, but not the absurdities he has invoked. I've lived through many of them. He's taken what has been a rather orderly, mildly disagreeable process in the past and fomented it into scorched earth vengeance and retribution because his ego is bruised. I hope the thinking people of American can comprehend this fact. And anyone who says, "But he's not responsible; the government is so big, he couldn't be responsible for all of this," I say, "He's the President. These outlandish slaps in the face are the fruit of his whimsy. Let "Make it as difficult as possible" for the people ring in your ears incessantly. That is Obama's unalterable, inflexible form of governing. He knows nothing else but force, coercion, payoff and blackmail!

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), OCTOBER 2013, Parker, Colorado

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