Curt Dale

To me the fact that the government is shut down sends one huge message: WE DO NOT WANT OBAMACARE.

Had Obamacare been remotely popular, the government would not be shut down.

The Tea Party can take a lot of credit for the government being shut down.

Oh, it can be said that Obama and Reid want nothing more than the government to be shut down, but it is a slap in the face neither could avoid, so they are trying to put lipstick on the pig handed them by Ted Cruz.

Don't give too much credit to John Boehner for this. I don't think he wanted shutdown any more than Obama and Reid. But, I will give the devil his due.

I think this major development is because of the stand taken by Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. plus a few other GOOD, non-RINO Congressmen and Congresswomen who stood their ground.

Obama's posturing of today and denial that this is any problem for him and a major problem for Republicans doesn't wash with me. I watched his face as h made some of those statements. Total pain, total disdain, same old refrain! He is a liar of monumental proportion, and today's speech to berate the House, the Tea Party and Republicans was the perfect exemplar.

So, I'm behind Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and their colleagues who forced this on the Obama Administration, and force it they did, asking them to pick up the speed, press the issues, keep the momentum.

Remember how this was to just go back to the House from the Senate, get rubberstamped and forgotten. Well, that didn't happen.

Yes, these are probably not totally coherent thoughts to the people who are scared stiff of government shutdown. But it's happened before. Watch the Stock Market tomorrow. See ho badly it reacts. I expect it to hold relatively flat or even rise. Government shutdown isn't that big a deal.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), SEPTEMBER 2013, Parker, Colorado

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