Senators and Liberal Press jointly,
maybe deliberately, misidentify gun as AR15

Curt Dale

It's been reported on at length already, but I still find the desperate rush of Piers Morgan, Ditzy Dianne Feinstein, Dumb Dick Durbin and other mockingbird members of the liberal media to make the gun used at DC Naval yard into and AR15 "Assault Rifle" to be astounding. Was this deliberate to just get the phrase "AR15 Assault Rifle" attached to this atrocity, even though totally a lie? Of course, a shotgun was used (Can we credit that shotgun idea to Slow Joe Biden?) to gain entry by shooting a guard and taking his pistol which was then used in the killings, maybe two pistols. But NO AR15 WAS USED by the "dark skinned" shooter, Aaron Alexis. I recall that there was no reluctance to use the term "white" when Obama and the Libs were going nuts'o in damning George Zimmerman. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton had no reluctance to invoke the term "black" for Trayvon Martin in order to gain sympathy from their supporters. But did the press deliberately avoided identifying the shooter at the DC Naval Yard as black? How unfair of me to wonder that! Except! I wonder if the 30 seconds Obama gave to this shooting (in his speech as the tragedy was still developing) of all these people by Alexis, as opposed to the great dissertation he gave at the time Martin was shot, is explicable for the same reason. Avoidin admission of the real ethnicity of the shooter. Anybody have any doubts as to why? Same reason we don't get news of the constant killing rampages in Chicago, the base of Obama's ascendency, I'm thinking. I know it probably sounds like a silly wish in this day and age of Obama, but I can't help but wish the current man we call President of the United States could be "fair and balanced" even though his adoring liberal media cannot and will not. I won't hold my breath for that day, while Obama is in office, though. I would only punish my self by depriving my body of oxygen. Sad! So sad! © Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), SEPTEMBER 2013, Parker, Colorado

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