Why is GOP just nibbling edges of Obamacare?

Curt Dale

It infuriates me that some of the GOP members of Congress are just attempting to nibble at the edges of Obamacare instead of just going for its soft underbelly. But do they react to that opportunity to rip the guts out of this horrible law? Of course not! Instead, they mealy-mouth every statement, kiss up to Obama and try to glorify reaching across the aisle. Every time a RINO reaches across the aisle, we get bashed, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, to wit. A solid majority of Americans simple do not want Obamacare. Huge rejection by the citizenry is that Democrat soft underbelly, so that is exactly what the serious, Conservative Republican needs to ride into battle. Get the point, RINOs: we don't want it. Simple!

But what do the weak kneed RINO Republicans do? They act and talk as if Obamacare is an undeniable fait accompli. So, they take no meaningful steps to zap it. Instead, they pester the Democrats about this or that provision or attack some point that will do nothing to take down the law. The David Vitters amendment is a good example. He wants Congress to force the President, VP, Congressional members and the Congressional staff to be under Obamacare. You see! Vitters is tacitly saying we can't get rid of it, so let's embarrass the Prez, Veep and members of Congress into using it. That gives comfort and aid to the supporters of Obamacare in the Congress and Obama's minions who are trying desperately to sell the whole bill of goods to low information Americans. Some GOPs want to keep the "good" (What is good in it? Haven't heard anything yet that is good about it!), some want to defund portions of it. Some want to rewrite and re-rewrite, ad infinitum. There is really no change that will be made to anything by rewrites, since they know their endless rewrites won't be approved. Some GOP (weak and/or RINO) want to just delay implementation. All of those are wrongheaded approaches!

Republicans (real ones), the answer is to rescind/kill/defang/reverse/deep six/throw out/render Obamacare un-implementable. I repeat, we do not want it!

What if Vitters put all of that effort alongside the efforts of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and any others who want to see it truly killed? If they just abandoned the silly solutions they are trying to sell us so that we'll think they're serious, and go for the jugular which is "Kill Obamacare."

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), SEPTEMBER 2013, Parker, Colorado

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