Is Proving the Weakness of America Obama's goal?

Curt Dale

This is not a complex set of thoughts as I begin, and may end up so simple it might sound silly. But I'm watching how Obama is trying to "gen up" some sort of action against somebody in Syria. With John Kerry being so chummy with Bashar Assad over the years and Obama's reluctance to choose any target for the action he is pretending to consider, I have no idea who he would go against. I'm thinking I don't care. One is Bashar Assad and the other is Al Qaeda. Do I really care which one Obama strikes? Do I really care if these two, who are our mortal enemies so far as I can tell, kill each other? Let's say, I won't lose any sleep over the matter.

I'm thinking that Obama just wants to shoot at somebody so that he can claim he took action in Syria. I'm of the opinion that neither he nor his Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagle, nor Unfit-For-Command John Kerry Obama's comatose Secretary of State, have a remote clue of what they are doing in Syria. And who are their Confederates in the whole mess? None other than the totally witless team of Speaker John Boehner, and Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham who spent Labor Day in the awesome presence His Supremely Inept Highness, Hussein Obama, conferring on what to do in the mess. I used to think Eric Cantor had some insight, but he's joined them in the Obama adulation audience. Whatever the target is, they have already made it clear that Obama "must" take action. The truth seems to be that they don't even know if Assad actually used the chemical weapons. There are a number of stories floating that the resistance, nee Al Qaeda I'm convinced they have no better idea of what it's all about or what to do than Obama and his other adoring cohorts. McCain is now pretending to be the supremely competent military expert. Let's look back a bit. He was a POW in Vietnam, true, after getting shot down over North Vietnam, and he eventually became the commander of a training unit and retired as a captain. Honorable and heroic service, of course, but hardly sufficient to make him a military authority! And, Lindsey Graham is certainly not qualified in any military campaign beyond political battles for reelection.

But let me return to Obama's purpose in this "Ready, Fire, Aim" order of battle. He, Hagle, and NFFC John Kerry are floundering about trying to decide on whether to meet with Congress, not to meet with Congress, whether to attack or not to attack if Congress should disagree. Seems Congress will debate it and let Obama know if they concur or non-concur with a strike. That debate has no meaning. Obama will do what he thinks is political correct for him as he goes toward the 2014 Elections. With their internal debate, there is little likelihood of any real strategic plan of consequence being developed.

But, Obama's performance to date with failure after failure leaves me with this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that he wants failure after failure, even if he is the one ostensibly leading America. His highly touted mission of "taking out of Osama Bin Laden?" I suspect that Seal Team Six did take Bin Laden out, but I recall the incredibly hurried dumping of "somebody's" remains into the deep dark sea with about zero evidence of what actually took place, if it took place. Was it real or not? At the very best, Obama made it into a botched job. Weeks later, Seal Team Six was destroyed due to security leaks from the head man himself, Obama, blabbing about what the Seal Team had done, and taking credit for it. Isn't Obama's support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt the worst military failure of his reign? Or is it Benghazi where he let his people die on the vine for failure to act militarily to save them. The same missiles he could have used to save Americans in Benghazi, he now wants to waste on a bunch of Muslims fighting Muslims, no matter which side he hits. It will cost billions of dollars to start another war which he's touting as 5 minutes to 5 hours. If he converts this internal conflict from a Syrian Civil War to an internationally involved war, and that is exactly what he's trying to do, I may never live to see the end of it.

Now, I believe he wants to mount the weakest action he can possibly throw at one or the other of these factions in Syria, with no intent to achieve anything for the good of the United States. It could be all about Obama's political advantages, but I am looking it as a more sinister intent. I truly believe it will be a weak kneed strike effort of short, inconsequential duration with no victory or advantage. I do not believe he, Hagel or Kerry have any concept of victory, but that's probably not even a possible outcome here anyway. Whatever the effect of a strike, if any effect at all, the United States loses. It will either be the Al Qaeda or Assad in charge of Syria, just the same monster with different stripes. It will be weak because, I believe, Obama is methodically projecting an image of a weak, uncommitted, undependable America. Even if he were to choose to strike one side or the other for a reason, I believe that reason would be one that most advances the fortunes of the Islamic Brotherhood. That has been the ultimate effect of his actions in Afghanistan, Egypt and Benghazi, Libya. Obama is driven in holding up the Muslim banner and bowing to its leaders.

Well, we'll see if Congress has any wisdom at all or if it has collectively gone into Obama backside kissin' overload. They can't seem to get it that Obama is the head of a treasonous administration. Outing Seal Team Six, Benghazi, ad infinitum! We've got a mess in the White House and a Congress that is beyond my disdain.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), SEPTEMBER 2013, Parker, Colorado

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