Hold Obama responsible for the Benghazi Coverup

Curt Dale

Honorable Senator Paul,

I appreciated your column in NEWSMAX to hold Obama responsible for the Benghazi coverup. That is good, very good. But far better would be to HOLD OBAMA RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATHS IN BENGHAZI AND THE COVERUP. No one lost a life in the coverup, but his failure--make that refusal--to engage and defend Ambassador and his 3 staff members who gave their lives protecting him is the heart of the "real" Benghazi scandal. The Benghazi Coverup is a subset of the same travesty of leadership. I hold the same people fully responsible. OBAMA, FIRST, HILLARY CLINTON,SECOND, AND VALERIE JARRETT.

Dig deep, Senator. I read about the Army of Senators against Obama. I like that. Hopefully, you, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee are totally in league on what needs to be done to get us back in power in the Senate. Take him apart scandal by scandal. Further, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are a total embarrassment. What the devil are McCain and Graham doing, trying to get terrorists released from prison? They're out there running about the world, making America look like a nation of fools? I'm an ol' hillbilly, but I do recognize stupid. That's stupid.

I encourage you to grab the reins and lead this nation in a way Obama can't even comprehend.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), AUGUST 2013, Parker, Colorado

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