Obama declares the Cold Shoulder War
and builds the Ire Curtain

Curt Dale

Oh, Pooh! President Obama will go down in history for fomenting the Cold Shoulder War and building the Ire Curtain between himself as President of the United States and Putin as President of Russia. He has refused to meet with Putin. Don't you know that Putin is absolutely broken hearted over being snubbed? Frankly, I think Putin could not care less. The look of disdain he had on his face at their last meeting tells me he is probably pleased to not have to feign civility and mutual respect with Obama.

I have no love for Putin, but suspect he sees this snub by Obama as a totally weak kneed response over Russia temporarily giving Leaker or Traitor Edward Snowden amnesty. I wish we had a President who had the strength and leadership to stand up to Putin on the matter. What I think of Snowden isn't important here, but the wimpy President of the United States is a matter of major concern to me. I think it is amazing that Obama chooses to announce his intention to not meet with Putin on the Jay Leno show rather than in a Presidential Press Conference. Of course he probably gets more exposure on Leno that he does in a White House Press Conference, so maybe that's another innovation in the Obama Administration. Ah, well, I'm blathering now. So I'll just keep this short. It's not worth much more. When I think of a blithering idiot running the White House, what else can I do but blather? It gets more embarrassing by the day.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), AUGUST 2013, Parker, Colorado

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