Seems Obama's attack on locks
is an attack on the 4th Amendment

Curt Dale

Well, I'll be a son of a gun. Obama says locking one's car doors is racist. Didn't he make some big deal and do a BUYOUT of Chrysler. My Dodge van automatically locks the doors after I reach a certain speed. Was it made in Detroit? (No wonder Detroit is now bankrupt. He didn't "save" Detroit. He doomed it by supporting a racist company. Oh! You perfectionists, don't tell me that Chrysler paid back all that bailout money. Some, yeah! Then there was the government buying up Chrysler stock. Then the stocks were sold back to Chrysler at a big loss. So, Chrysler is still well in hock to us, but Obama won't call in the marker.) Anyway, Obama used his power to buy the racist company that puts automatic locks on their cars. Same with GM. They have cars that lock themselves, too. Isn't that a shocking thing now that we know it offends His Highness?

Wonder why the designers of these cars made them lock up automatically? Wonder why when I first hit the unlock button on my remote, it only unlocks the driver's door? Do you suppose it's so some hood can't jump in the passenger side and rob me? I have to hit it twice to unlock the passenger side. Wow! Making it so that it must be clicked the second time is doubly racist because that means I must not trust somebody wearing a hoodie, imagining somebody not the same color as I, and thinking they will jump in that side and rob or kill me. If I think any such thing it must not be a hate crime to even let my imagination go there. Of course that sort of thing never happens-at least in Obama's world. Well, it's probably not going to happen in the President's fully armored limousine. Wonder if it has locks? Wonder if they lock them when he's in it? (I won't be coy. Yeah! It has a lock system that beats anything my ol' van has. "It has "a lock-down mechanism which, when deployed, seals the interior against a biological attack." Now, that's a lock. Anyway, I can say that Obama's Administration bought and ran A RACIST AUTOMOBILE COMPANY that designs cars to automatically lock the doors, courtesy of Obama buyout.

I think it would be most appropriate if Obama would have Eric Holder force the car companies to do total recalls on every car with and remove all locks because having locks on cars is racist, particular such discriminatory locks as I have on my van. Of course, in order to be perfectly PC, I should not lock my car at night. That way, the gang bangers who Obama said "could have been him 35 years ago" can easily enter and rob my car of anything salable and probably the charge of "breaking and entering" would be eradicated. After all, breaking and entering could be a very inflammatory charge that should be removed from the laws, don't you think? Without the locks, they could just reach in and take what they want. Gosh, shouldn't stores operate the same way? Don't lock them up at night. That way, the rioters don't even have to break the windows. Sure would take a lot of danger out of riots! Looters would no longer risk being cut as they have to smash the glass to go in and loot the stores. No breaking and entering. Just take what you want. Such a cool idea! Given that, why not just have Holder shut down the lock companies. Locks are just about as dangerous as guns when you really thing about it, forcing people to do dangerous things in riots and civil disobedience. They are such vile racist gadgets on houses and apartments. Let's see, which of the Constitutional Bill of Rights do my car locks offend in Obama's world?

Oh, yeah, that's it! Obama is now going after the IV Amendment. You know! That one that begins, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects…." Yeah! That's it! He really doesn't want me to be secure in my "effects." My automobile is an "effect," isn't it? So, he really thinks I'm racist because I want to be secure in my car. Well, why not? He might as well have at the 4th Amendment. He's already decimated the 1st which gives us freedom of speech, religion and the press. He's tearing the second to shreds, too, with all of his gun control efforts, dictums and Executive Orders. Now, here we go with wiping out our right to be secure.

But didn't he sound so convincing, so humble, so put upon, so sorrowful, so pitiful, as he projected himself to be Trayvon? He's an expert at taking our rights from us. Yeah, we sure need "LOCK CONTROL," Hussein! Don't want to offend you, you poor thing! So, let's open 'er up and let the goons ride roughshod over us. It will be pretty rough on us, but we will avoid making Obama and his lookalikes feel bad.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), JULY 2013, Parker, Colorado

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