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In a FB discussion earlier today, a couple of ladies were worrying the word "hate" in connection to our current President. I told them I was looking for a stronger word. Hate is a strong word. Suddenly, it came to me that my mother had a few people she held in utter contempt. She didn't say it often, but when she said, "I despise that . . . " I know that they had sunk to the lowest level of creature on the earth. I decided to pursue which is worse, "hate" or "despise." Seems that "despise" is far the worse. One can hate another person and still have "regard" for them. For instance, one may have hated Bill Clinton, or Richard Nixon, or LBJ, but still have certain regard for them. But if one despises another, there is not the least regard for them at any level. But as I searched the meanings of these two words, I came upon another that is Biblical, and it may be the ultimate expression of ultimate contempt, hatred and despising. That word is "contemn." I'd never noticed it before.

KJV Dictionary Definition:

CONTEMN, v.t. L., to despise; to drive away.
1. To despise; to consider and treat as mean and despicable; to scorn.
In whose eyes a vile person is contemned. Psalm 15.
2. To slight; to neglect as unworthy of regard; to reject with disdain.
Wherefore do the wicked contemn God. Psalm 10.
They contemn the counsel of the Most High. Psalm 107.

CONTEMNED, pp. Despised; scorned; slighted; neglected, or rejected with disdain.

CONTEMNER, n. One who contemns; a despiser; a scorner.

CONTEMNING, ppr. Despising; slighting as vile or despicable; neglecting or rejecting, as unworthy of regard.

WOW! If see a person who is mean, despicable, vile, rejected with disdain, worth of slighting, neglecting, rejecting, and unworthy of regard, I don't just hate or despise that person, I contemn that person. CAN ANYONE THINK OF A CANDIDATE FOR THESE FEELINGS?

Now "hate" is a word used many times a day. "Despise" is not used as often. I advise each reader to carefully refrain from using "contemn" unless the person fulfills every descriptor. I only know one man who fills the bill.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), JULY 2013, Parker, Colorado

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