GANG OF 8? Gang of 15?

Curt Dale

Senator McCain, I just sent the following letter to Senator Marco Rubio. I'm not going to spend the time to write one to you concerning the horrid Immigration Bill you, Rubio and Lindsey Graham have championed for Obama. I detest what you three have done to help tear this nation apart. Guess that says it! If you're interested, I elaborate a bit more on what I think of you. You lost your way years ago Senator Rubio, I will be civil but not particularly respectful as I write this. Until the last 3 weeks, I thought you were going to be the very best hope for our 2016 Presidential race. I thought you were really a Republican. But, you got to DC, and the RINOs got you! You are now in league with McCain, Graham and the like. Sadly, you are now taking over as the leader of these non-leaders, and you are taking the true Republican party down to defeat. I do NOT respect John McCain. I did three combat tours in Vietnam. I left Vietnam at the end of the war at the same time he was leaving Hanoi. The height of his honor was the day he left the Hanoi Hilton. It has been downhill for him ever since. His run for the Presidency was a joke, and he's now one of the three main puppets of the Obama Congressional leadership. You, and Lindsey Graham are dancin' their tune, too, and tearing this nation apart. Oh, you seemed so wonderful as you beat Crisp in Florida. Was that, like McCain, your high point? It seems so. Why don't you back away from this horrible fiasco that your are literally lying about to sell it to the American People. You stood there and lied to Greta last night. Today, we find that about half of what you said had virtually no basis in fact. That's hard to take. Use the next 48 hours to redeem yourself and find your way. You have dropped your compass and cannot see the path. Just see where Obama, Harry Reid, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi and all that group of criminals in the Obama Cabinet are going and go the very opposite direction. You are being played for the biggest sucker I've seen in all my years of watching politics. Last night, you sounded exactly like Lindsey Graham. He cannot tell the truth because he has no sense of it. Every word he utters is hypocrisy. I heard the same prattle from you last night. So sad! At this moment, I would not vote you into the office of dogcatcher. You show me that you'd suddenly get a dose of liberality and turn the dogs lose. Come home, Marco! Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD, USAF(Ret) 153 combat missions in Vietnam War. 27 years of fighting the Cold War. 76 year old Republican.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), JUNE 2013, Parker, Colorado

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