Vote Against Abysmal Senate Immigration Reform Bill
I'm Voting and Campaigning Against You!

Curt Dale

Open Letter!

Honorable Congressman Gardner,

I only became one of your constituents as gerrymandering changed the district lines. But I won't pussyfoot about on my thoughts as the Senate's abysmal Immigration Reform Bill looks headed toward the house. I feel certain the RINOs led by Marco Rubio (a horrible disappointment), John McCain and Lindsey Graham will be passed in the Senate as these traitors to America do al they can to destroy our Nation.

So, I will make it very clear to you! If you chose to vote for, support, or even makes yourself UNAVAILABLE TO VOTE against it as some Cowards did in the Senate, I will be as strong an adversary as I possibly can when you next run for re-election. I am assured by many dear friends that they are notifying their Congressmen with this same message.

I think we'll see open season on legislators who have either actively or tacitly given us Obamacare and may be considering giving us this Amnesty law. The RINO supporters are lying through their teeth. We are not as stupid as the Washington RINO elite think we are.

I will post this as an open letter on FB, place it on several blogs, and sent it to hundreds of people on e-mail network.

Respectfully (if you stand up and vote conservative principles)
Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD, USAF (Ret)
3 combat tours and 153 combats missions in Vietnam

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), JUNE 2013, Parker, Colorado

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