Curt Dale

Honorable Congressman Gardner,

I am writing for the second time today, this time on the subject of Obama's IRS thugs targeting the Tea Party and Patriot organizations. And I will certainly be writing often as Obama continues his drive to dictatorship.

Congressman, I served 27 years in the USAF, 17 years of it on Combat Crew in aircraft, ICBMs, and Space and Missile Warning and Spacetrack. Throw in 3 tours of combat in Vietnam with 153 Combat Missions. I have the right to join a Tea Party and Patriot Organization, in opposition to our SO CALLED Commander in Chief if I choose. Yes, I take this as a direct infringement on my rights, no different than Obama's assault on our Second Amendment GUN RIGHTS. I have attended Tea Party Rallies in Denver and Castle Rock and have signed up to numerous local affiliations with the Tea Party. I will support these affiliations even more strongly now that Das F├╝eher has been caught in the act of using government organizations as Intimidation Squads to insure his reelection. Do I buy his blather of today, criticizing the IRS? Not one whit of it. He very well may have leaked this to take the heat off of his traitorous inaction on Benghazi. The IRS was bad enough before; now it is insufferable. The Department of Homeland Security, under Obama is progressing toward a Suppression Squad (Read that as SS if you wish) while he is gutting the US military. His use of Sequestration to do that is beneath contempt and a lie of the first order.

Mr. Gardner, we put you there. The Senate is useless. The White House has become our adversary, and the Speaker of the House is an Obama sympathizer from all we can see, bowing and scraping along with all the other Obama nits. So, it is up to you and your TRUE Republican comrades (Forget the RINO's such as Graham and McCain-I frankly don't know if you are a RINO or not, but pray you aren't.) to take this IRS ATTACK ON LIBERTY to the highest level of visibility and expunge the culprits. Frankly, I think that speaks of IMPEACHMENT for Obama. Between this, Benghazi, the crimes of passing OBAMACARE under such false pretenses, lying to us lie upon lie, legislating with his unconstitutional Executive Orders, the Prez is certainly impeachable. All it takes is a House that's strong enough to do it. But don't count on Boehner. He and McConnell aren't worth spit when the chips are down. They'll nip and tuck and make loud noises of but do nothing of principle.

Am I disrespectful of this leadership as I write? You betcha, sir! Intentionally and adamantly, sir!

Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD, USAF (Ret)

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), MAY 2013, Parker, Colorado

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