Curt Dale

Three more arrested in Boston Bombing plot, now? WOW, JANET! That's what your DHS said, right? I thought they were lone actors, Barack Hussein Obama! That's what you've triggered your mouthpieces to say, and Janet's folks are saying it, too. Putting these facts I'm seeing together, though, seems they weren't, huh? I thought the first two weren't Islamist Terrorists? They are/were!

Is this going to become another Benghazi shell game? Who gets blamed this time, Prez? Well, I'm sure you've got plenty of shills to lay it on. First, however, stay in character and hit GW Bush again with this since he must've carried a backpack at sometime in his life. Of course these three can't be a part of it, can they? Just acquaintances of the two Islamic Terrorists--whom all y'all claim, even insist, "Aren't!" Seems these additional three simply threw away some materials that were laying about the living quarters. Wonder if there were any pressure cooker handles, pipe filings, extra ball bearings, nuts, bolts and nails, some black powder residue, electrical wire snippings, extra cell phones? Oh, well, they were just innocently tidying up the mess, huh?

Who in the Obama Administration isn't rooting for at least one of these guys to be white? Gee, can't they get at least one to blame this on who is a non-immigrant, white, non-Muslim kinda guy or gal? Oh, go ahead, Janet! Just create one in your vivid, even if not brilliant, imagination; make up an Anglo, good ol' boy name such as Billy Bob, and drag him across the trail. That's called a Red-neck Herring, Janet! That should be good enough for the Central Obama Media Intervention Control Agents League (COMICAL) to throw off the low information Obama-ites and infuriate Conservatives.

Well, I'll just keep watching this latest episode of "How to Protect a Million Islamic Terrorists," written by Bill Ayers, directed B. H. Obama and produced by Janet Napolitano. The dialog is hardly believable, the cast of millions made up of boringly similar Muslims, plus innocent victims and politicians who either haven't a clue or want to help these terrorists destroy the innocent. Seems a dumb plot to me, but Leftists love it.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), MAY 2013, Parker, Colorado

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