Why can't we Conservative and Tea Party folks
just tell it like it is?

Curt Dale

I just read a Michelle Malkin column and have read a few others in the wake of Boston, West, TX, and Benghazi that look at least promising. We have been so politically correct, we appear afraid to definitively categorize liberal traitors, Jihadists, Islamist Terrorists, bloodsuckers and scam artists in our White House, Congress need to hear, see and feel our wrath at what they are doing to destroy our nation. A few people have always been able to do that, but they've been incredibly demonized. Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are a few that have been faithful to truthful descriptions. I'm seeing others pick up on the idea that they can actually be honest and not get any worse crucified than if they just shoot straight from the hip with truth. Are we at least starting to get a measure of these people and properly state accurate descriptions of them in clear, unequivocal English? Are we about willing to drive ourselves to call it like it is? We always describe them in caveats, allow--or even offer--excuses for their idiocy, and accept them as having "good Intentions." They have no good intentions. They want to destroy America as we know it.

We've been too careful, too civil, too reserved, and far too respectful of those who deserve no respect. I'm not talking about using profanity and vulgarity. That is too easy. Our words must be strong and beyond denial. They are the ones who use the filthy language because their actions and aims are not conducive to exposure in clear language. We don't need to look as stupid as they do, but we can sure use the most powerful language available, concise English.

There are marvelous descriptors in Webster's that perfectly fit these horrible people who have beset our society. I'm talking about speaking and writing with absolute exactness, nothing withheld, nothing shoved aside, nothing softened, and absolutely no false and gratuitous justification of their atrocious actions. Failing to be exact, uncompromisingly accurate, and brutally complete, we have failed to describe the evil that surrounds us in the leftist, liberal, community. Those we've elected who are supposed to be standing up for Conservatism are incapable of ever standing up for anything.

We have let the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and John Boehner prattle along with their twofaced, doubletalk drivel, never telling the full truth, unilaterally reaching across to the Left, and frequently joining the Left in opposition to Conservatives. Just watch John McCain rejoin Joe Manchin from WV to again bring up gun control in the Senate. It will be another McCain attempt to pacify Obama and Harry Reid so that he, McCain, can continue to feel like a big cheese in the GOP.

Why are we so respectful of McCain, of Graham, of Boehner? We have become brainwashed that we are to treat these elected officials with respect, no matter what they do. They were elected to do our bidding, not the obverse. All three have proven to be liars, cheats, backstabbers, and truly no better than the worst of the Liberal Democrats. But they can whimper and be so innocent when criticized. They are experts at currying favor. So, that's a place for us to start. Lay out the unethical foundation of these RINOs, and never let up for a second until we can throw them out of office.

. Next, go after the worst of the Leftist, Jihad supporting, Islamist Terrorist loving, pieces of camel dung we have in the White House, Senate, House, some State Houses, and pull no punches, including RINOs, for sure. I'm hearing some people who are at the "Oh, woe is we" point in viewing the Obama Administration. Such feelings of helplessness have to be rejected. Such feelings of powerlessness by Conservatives are the lifeblood of Obama and his crowd. They are not all-powerful. They are fundamentally Chicago style hoods, schooled in stealing elections, rigging polls, buying votes and creating the illusion of invincibility. They are invincible only if we allow them to proceed with destruction of America, being challenged by the pitiful likes of McCain, Graham and Boehner.

Does President Barack Hussein Obama truly "deserve" our respect? Are we being hypocritical if we proclaim that we pray for him when in fact we are praying that he not be allowed to destroy our nation? If that is the case, should our prayers be for America, or for an illicit president with motives that will destroy our nation?

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), APRIL 2013, Parker, Colorado

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