Curt Dale

Does anyone have the slightest doubt that Obama had DOJ's Eric Holder send an Obama friendly Federal Magistrate into the Boston Bomber's hospital room to interrupt and stop the FBI interrogation by reading him his Miranda Rights? Well, there's the issue that they have to be read at a point. But, this came about because of the way Obama decided to charge this man. He had Holder put the surviving bomber into the Federal Justice System rather than treat him as an enemy combatant. The value of having this man alive is the intelligence he can provide.

Many say this disruption of the interrogation was done about 32 hours before DOJ had said it would be done. I'm not a lawyer, but I believe too much intelligence was coming out, making BHO uncomfortable? I believe Obama saw it as essential to cover up what was coming from the "suspect." By submarining that intelligence, Obama puts America at even more risk, all to protect his favorites.

Just think of Benghazi, quick burial of Osama Bin Laden, Egypt, Fort Hood terrorists, Boston terrorists, toying with what to do in Guantanamo, and making waterboarding illegal, if you have doubts. What would a few rounds of waterboarding do if this guy got his face washed real good? American would be safer. But, in every case, Islamic Terrorists have received all the favorable rulings from Obama's White House and cohorts, while the American People and our heroes get short shrift on every question.

It seems to me that as soon as the information came out that the bombers intended to go to NYC and bomb Times Square, Obama panicked and shut down getting any other information. Was this getting too close to the cell "certain folks" don't want discovered or shot down. When it comes to Islamic Terrorists, he and his Islam lovers have to do a gag job ASAP.

Sen. Lindsey Graham says, "The Obama Administration has no 'situational awareness.'" I maintain that it has acute situational awareness on anything that involves Islamic Terrorists, and they react the moment it appears anything damaging to that movement might come forth by diverting attention, changing the subject, changing the blame ("Hillary did it!" Fire a few generals and admirals!), and finally making the terrorist look stupid. The latter has been done as much as possible with this surviving terrorist. He and his dead brother are being painted as stupid for doing this themselves, an approach that diverts attention so as to illustrate they are not connected with a bigger Terrorist cell.

They aren't all that stupid if they built this bunch of bombs, most of which seem to have worked. Obama wouldn't want to know what those 6 months in Russia taught the terrorist about making such bombs, so the best thing to do is to truncate the interrogation.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), APRIL 2013, Parker, Colorado

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