Curt Dale

You just sent me a reply to my recent letter where I pointed out the unconstitutionality of the gun control laws you've just signed into law. In your flimsy explanation of what the laws are about, you said the following:

"We have directed the Colorado Department of Public Safety to consult with the Office of the Attorney General and others with respect to the interpretation of HB13-1224's large-capacity magazine ban, and then to draft and issue, to law enforcement agencies in Colorado, technical guidance on how the law should be interpreted and enforced. This work should be done by July 1, 2013, the law's effective date."

Now, isn't it a pitiful case when the Colorado Assembly cobbles together laws so insane, so meaningless, so disjointed and so unconstitutional that you must immediately assign the Dept of Public Safety, the Attorney General's office "and others' to interpret the bills? Then you will have other unelected, non-legislative bureaucrats of your choosing "draft and issue, to law enforcement agencies in Colorado, technical guidance on how the law should be interpreted and enforced." Wow, I thought interpretation of laws was left to the Courts of the Land. But you don't want that. You want the interpretation done by those you pay to do interpretation that is to your liking. This tells us that you have signed a law so vague and incomprehensible that it cannot stand alone. So you will have your minions make up the law as they go, filling in all the craziness you want your servile underlings to add. Through that process, you will be hiding behind a hollow piece of legislation, put together by people who have no idea of what they were talking about. Who was your technical advisor thus far, Governor? Dianne DeGette?

But then, what should I expect of you Governor. You who willingly becomes the tool of Barack Hussein Obama in carrying out his gun grab, you who has signed into law legislation that is intended to override the Sheriffs of Colorado on any matter where they might disagree with you on these unconstitutional laws, and you who ignores the majority of people in Colorado to institute unconstitutional laws. You are becoming more tyrannical with every bill you sign into law. Obama, Hickenlooper, DeGette, Reid, and Morse! Who less could we ask for?

I can't wait until we can go after you and all your puppets at the polling place to get you out of office.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), APRIL 2013, Parker, Colorado

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