we're letting Gun Control Activists
portray us as cowards

Curt Dale

Is there a connection between the all out effort of gun control activists, the gun control they've brought about, and the level of mass shootings, bombings in Boston, at MIT and those 16 mass shootings killing some 88 people in 2012. Are these activist, including Obama, Toomey, Reid, McCain, Bloomberg, Christie, Hickenlooper, Clinton & Clinton, Feinstein, DeGette, et al, creating an America that is viewed as weak, cowering, unwilling and incapable of protecting home, family and self? The descriptions of what the people were doing in Massachusetts yesterday while the police units were trying to apprehend the Boston Bombers is very troubling to me. The authorities had told the people to go inside and stay inside.

Those people have been stripped of their personal arms by the liberal government in that state, and were simply incapable of defending their home against one single, wounded Islamist terrorist, lurking in the neighborhood, looking for a place to hole up.

I'm wondering if the people of my county in Colorado would react similarly. Somehow, I have faith that the people of Douglas County might be inside or outside if they wished, but I doubt that a large majority of them would be unarmed, unprotected and cowering. Instead, I'm thinking they would largely be quite well armed and ready for an unwelcome intruder, having been warned by authorities.

I'm thinking the would-be terrorist and aggressors are of the opinion that America is suddenly becoming unwilling to stand up and be counted because of these liberal, gun control leaders in various areas across the country are portraying that most citizens do not want guns nor would use them. Further, the terrorist and thugs are buoyed by the legislation that actually gives them an advantage over their innocent targets. Legislation has been and is being passed that makes it just as criminal or more criminal for a homeowner to shoot an intruder than for the intruder to violate the domicile of the ones who protect themselves.

It seems to me that these spineless legislators and activists are portraying Americans inaccurately. We are being painted as mild, non-confrontational, cowardly and incapable of self defense. Massachusetts was probably a perfect venue, in the eyes of the bombers, for their bombing attacks. They knew most private citizens are unarmed there and would have to rely on a 911 response or wait for law enforcement to appear on scene. They knew their chances were greatly improved when the populous was unprepared to resist or overwhelm them.

Isn't it time for Americans to realize the insult that these gun control activists are foisting upon them? Americans are not cowards, despite the cowardice of some of our current leadership. Stand up and be counted, America. We've done it before. When we stand firm and strong, we are always victorious. When we let our fawning leaders back down, apologize, retire, retreat and give in, we lose. Despite the joy in Massachusetts as the bombers were taken down, that was not a win. With so many people killed, maimed, injured and terrorized, it is a resounding loss. We have been lured into a trap where such terrorist can act, be protected by the Department of Justice's bastardization of the laws, and allowed to become heroes or martyrs to their admirers. Stand up America!

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), APRIL 2013, Parker, Colorado

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