Open Letter to the NRA

Curt Dale

We have several problems with the NRA Rating System. First, it seems NRA is in the pocket of the Senators when it comes to giving out NRA A RATINGS. After years, I rejoined the NRA. I feel a bit of a fool for having done so. It was because of this, and the NRA is doing it again. A problem is that the Senators are lying on their gun rights stands. Another problem is that the NRA is believing them without checking. Support of my contention follows.

Below are "NRA rated" Republicans who voted with Obama, Reid and Schumer last week.

Roger Wicker (MS) -- NRA A+ rated
Lamar Alexander (TN) -- NRA A rated
Kelly Ayotte (NH) -- NRA A rated
Richard Burr (NC) -- NRA A rated
Saxby Chambliss (GA) -- NRA A rated
Tom Coburn (OK) -- NRA A rated
Bob Corker (TN) -- NRA A rated
Jeff Flake (AZ) -- NRA A rated
Lindsey Graham (SC) -- NRA A rated
Dean Heller (NV) -- NRA A rated
John Hoeven (ND) -- NRA A rated
Johnny Isakson (GA) -- NRA A rated
Pat Toomey (PA) -- NRA A rated
John McCain (AZ) -- NRA B+ rated
Susan Collins (ME) -- NRA C+ rated
Mark Kirk (IL) -- NRA F rated
And the following are the "NRA A rated" Democrats who stabbed us in the back as well.

Joe Donnelly (IN) -- NRA A rated
Martin Heinrich (NM) -- NRA A rated
Tim Johnson (SC) -- NRA A rated
Joe Manchin (WV) -- NRA A rated
Mark Warner (VA) -- NRA A rated
Jon Tester (MT) -- NRA A rated
Max Baucus (MT) -- NRA A rated
Mark Begich (AK) -- NRA A rated
Heidi Heitkamp (ND) -- NRA A rated

So, we know the Senators lie to us. The next question is does the NRA lie to us as well? Or are the raters just plain stupid at the NRA? This is the proof in the pudding, Wayne LaPierre. You can speechify, debate and declare your loyalty to protecting gun rights. But the other side of your operation protects those who are dead set on taking our Constitutional Rights away from us.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), APRIL 2013, Parker, Colorado

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