Open Letter Request for
Representative Diane DeGette (D-CO)

Curt Dale

THE FOLLOWING IS AN OPEN LETTER REQUEST for Representative Diane DeGette (D-CO), highly respected Liberal expert and consultant on guns, magazines, clips, bullets, cartridges and all that other gun control stuff. With the 14 stabbings on Lone Star Campus, Houston, TX, Madam Congresswoman, would you please immediately sponsor and submit an URGENT bill to the United States House of Representatives that will require a knife to be limited to 7 stabbings. It's the humane thing to do and should satisfy Mayor Rosebud Bloomberg. Limited to 7 stabbings, a stabbing target has a better chance to survive, particularly when a homeowner uses the Stabazine® to try to protect his or her family from a criminal intruder. I know that you don't want those criminal intruders too severely injured. You are such a humane person. I have discontinued production of the highly popular 14 stab Stabazine® in anticipation of your reaction to the 14 stabbing tragedy. If you have any questions on the construction and production of Stabazines®®, please contact me. We share similar credentials in that you are the World's foremost magazine and clip authority, and I am the self-proclaimed, World's foremost authority on Stabazines®. Last week you enlightened me when you informed the world that once all the "bullets" were shot from a magazine it could not be reloaded. You realized that by attrition, people would no longer be able to shoot bullets if all the magazines had been shot empty. I just did not know that. Then we got the word that you were really talking about clips, not magazine. That was such enlightening information for me. Knowing that is your mindset, you will be pleased to know that my unparalleled Stabazine® cannot be reloaded. So, it will not allow non-criminal minded citizens to use too many stabs. But a word of caution: illegal stabbers can override the Stabazine®, and inflict more stabs than the bill I ask you to champion. For your consideration as you staff the writing of this bill, I just checked all of the butcher knives in my kitchen, and they are capable of unlimited, rapid stab stabs. I noticed the same in my neighbor's kitchen. Those are just not necessary, are they? You might want to seek universal registration of butcher knives, then you can follow through with butcher knife confiscation. I do suggest you work with Sen. Diane Feinstein to determine what to do about potato peelers, paring knives and old men's pocket knives. She is so good at taking facts about such horrible weapons and making sure that no stone is unturned on what needs to be confiscated. She is easily your peer on technical weapons information.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), APRIL 2013, Parker, Colorado

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