Obama's Surrogates Push to End Military Funerals!

Curt Dale

Is nothing sacred to the Obama Administration? Marriage between a man and woman has fallen by the wayside as BHO "evolves." Now it appears he and the Westboro Baptist Church can join forces. They are the group that protests at Military Funerals for our fallen heroes, and the big move is on by the Administration to save money by ending those military funerals. Gosh, if we don't allow any military funerals to be conducted for our heroes, Obama, Michelle and the two "girls" will be able to take another Billion Dollar Vacation a year from the savings. His vacations and golf outings with Tiger Woods are so incredibly important to our national defense. Obama's 9 iron is a lethal weapon, folks!

I did my research and even Hitler did not cut out military funerals in the worst days of the Nazi Third Reich! I bring that up as a caliper for you to measure where we stand on our trip down the skids to being a Socialist Republic. Hitler grabbed the guns of the German People. He took over the media. Choose your own set of benchmarks, but we're on a downhill slide at a frightening pace. Will we have any Constitutional Republic left by the time we get to the end of his reign of terror?

Betcha Obama could end Military Weddings at the Military Chapels and save enough for his beer ration each year--oh, well, every little bit counts, eh Barack?

And our GOP leaders, except for Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, are totally gutless, willing to compromise and bow down before His Highness no matter how he tears down our morality, our values and stomps on our sacred institutions. And, as he does it, his low information riff raff, hands extended, looking for the handout are right behind him, either oblivious to or not caring what he does. Wondering if anything will be left to cremate me, put me in a jar and slip me into Arlington! Probably not! That'd be a carton of presidential crested golf balls.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), APRIL 2013, Parker, Colorado

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