How can people educated in law be so ignorant?

Curt Dale

Something is happening in America since Obama made his unconstitutional executive orders this week that tells me so much about the makeup of our current White House Administration and the United States Congress. I cannot understand how so many people in these two branches of government who have been educated in the law, have law degrees, licenses to practice law and are supposedly the defenders of the Constitution of the United States, can be totally destroying it, one step at a time. I do understand that there are motives here in most cases, and I think they are particularly present in Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. Those motives are lust for power beyond that ever intended for any one of them, or all of them for that matter, disdain for the sanctity of the Constitution of the United States, and desire to destroy the liberties we hold dear--those afforded by that Constitution.

Sheriffs and law officers across the nation are standing up against what Obama has done, is doing, and proposes to do to dissemble the Second Amendment, all the while saying he is supports the Second Amendment. These great law officers are speaking up, talking to the press, using the social media, and meeting with people to let the world know they will not support what is being done by Obama to glean political favor on this issue. Free, well informed citizens, military veterans, and many great people from all walks of life are rising to the occasion to come to the defense of the Constitution. I have had my doubts about the NRA at points in the past, but I am seeing the NRA come to the forefront. Their latest commercial took the President on, head on. I had withdrawn from the NRA for a period, but it is now time for me to come back to full membership. I also support the other gun owner associations, nationwide, who are fighting these horrible actions by the White House.

I do see many governors starting to stand up and draw their lines in stone on the Second Amendment. Only one maniacal rant came from a governor, the governor of the State of New York, who got his legislature to pass some totally un-researched, unworkable laws on guns. He seems to be out of step with most of the governors' views. But the Democrat governors will tread cautiously, playing every angle. And, this maniac is the one who is seeking to follow Obama as President of the United States. Some other governors are being incredibly quiet and waiting to see how the wind blows. But there are some intelligent, effective, patriotic governors who are stepping to the plate in defense of our constitutional gun rights. We need to recognize them and support them. They, with a large contingent of these dedicated sheriffs, can make a great impact on stemming this assault on our rights. I don't think they can change Obama's outlook, but they are certainly irritating him immensely, forcing him to look more and more the dictator with every move.

How is it that so many people can see this while the elites from great universities can grow up, live and pursue professional government service and yet not understand what these common people I've described know almost instinctively?

I see many members of Congress making hollow, noncommittal statements, attempting to appease gun owners and Second Amendment advocates, with no intention of truly standing up for those who elected them. They are double dealing, attempting to prolong their reign in power while dismissing the desires of their constituencies. However, these law officers I cite and others are making their decisions to stand up in the strongest possible manner to counteract this destruction of our liberty.

I understand that Obama is totally infuriated by the blowback, questioning, criticism and defiance from those who disagree with his actions. Now isn't that pitiful? He treads on our rights, and it upsets his ego that anyone dare disagree with him. The most powerful man in the world has become a petty, political hack who uses children to make political hay and convince the ill informed citizens that he's trying to do something for them that is good, while it's actually the opposite. We need to listen to what those great leaders we have elected to the local levels-those who know what is going on-are trying to tell America and support them in every legal way we can. They know these presidential orders, in defiance of the Constitution, are unconstitutional. Obama is attempting to force us into the submission when he knows he cannot do these things lawfully. He wants to dictate every area of our existence, and this is only one of them.

Yes, Mr. Obama, we do cling to our religion, our Bibles and the Second Amendment.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), JANUARY 2013, Parker, Colorado

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