Defeat Obama with Benghazi treason

Curt Dale

The surges in virtually all poll categories by Mitt Romney are causing pundits to call it all Romney's "momentum." Well, I'm going to coin the word "MITTMENTUM" for this phenomenon. Romney's closed the Gender Gap on Obama, pulling ahead in many swing states that were about to be written off last week, the Christian and even the Jewish community is coming together behind Romney. It is a beautiful thing to watch. All of this happened during the steady, masterful performances of Mitt Romney in each debate, presidential looking, and controlled, gentlemanly, pleasant, yet powerful at the most key moments.

The Reverend Billy Graham posted a full page, unprecedented and beautiful please to voters across the nation, beginning with the Wall Street Journal and other major newspapers, clearly calling for voters to support Mitt Romney. This was paid for by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. It did not mention a candidate, but his son, the Reverend Franklin Graham of Samaritan Purse confirmed that Billy is supporting Romney. The Catholic Bishops and many other evangelistic leaders are also strongly endorsing Romney.

The "gender gap" has even up with Romney matching Obama with women, a gain of 16 percent in a matter of weeks. Romney is pulling even or ahead of Obama in most swing states. Many are now talking of a landslide. I don't know that I even dare think of that, but when Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Morris and other well informed watchers start seeing a landslide and other more cautious pollsters start looking at a similar result as a distinct possibility, it is looking more likely.

The above is what I'm going to describe as MITTMENTUM. I think the final act you and I need to do, in the glaring absence of the Obama owned liberal mainstream media is to mount a major effort to lay the treasonous acts of Benghazi, Libya, where four undefended American patriots, including the Ambassador, were abandoned by the Obama Administration, allowed to die when there were rescue forces in reach who could have saved their lives.

While the White House watched the terrorist attack through real time, drone transmitted video, in the Situation Room, and while e-mail and Facebook messages were received in that same room telling them of the need for support and rescue, Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta stood back and allowed the massacre to take place over a 7 hour period. I've watched gunships operate as I flew recon in Vietnam, often giving these "Spookeys" and "Puff the Magic Dragons" the targets they hit. The AC-130 Gunships available in Italy, one hour away, could have been over Benghazi, ostensibly saving all the lives and at least half of those lost. With their pinpoint accuracy and superb sensors, they can sort out the individuals in a small force and eradicate them one by one or a large force en masse. But our National Security Leaders and Commander in Chief demurred, did nothing, and then covered up their failures and traitorous timidity with a series of stupid lies about a stupid YouTube video which they insisted had caused their imaginary Islamic mob to riot and attack the Embassy. Yet, Obama and the whole lot knew, all the time, it was a "Terrorist Attack," a term Obama just cannot bring himself to utter. The White House, Secretary of Defense and State Department had prior knowledge and intelligence that should have immediately kicked them into action, putting forces in the air and on the ground to save the American on our sovereign property, the Embassy.

Leon Panetta was clearly afflicted with the same "virus of indecision" as Abraham Lincoln's General George B. McClellan whom Lincoln fired and replace with General Ulysses S. Grant. Panetta gave his excuse that he wasn't going to launch USAF aircraft "harm's way" without more intelligence. He clearly has no idea how formidable a force a gunship accompanied by high performance fighters really is. But, I think that was merely a hollow excuse. I don't believe he had permission from his boss, the Commander in Chief, to launch the forces that would have saved the Embassy personnel.

I'm of the opinion that the military operation was already in motion to save the Embassy personnel, but Panetta's indecisiveness wouldn't allow him to give the go ahead. Military commanders on the scene who were aware of the situation that had developed, would have been moving out and ready to launch a rescue. But the ineptitude of the White House Staff delayed and squabbled about what to do, while the Commander in Chief packed to go to Las Vegas for political fund raising. Hence, four good men died from inaction. The American People should rise up in utter disgust over this weak kneed cover up that is being foisted upon us. It should be the fundamental reason we throw Obama and his crowd out of Washington. Jobs, Economy, and Obamacare are all superb reasons, but this cover up of treason is a primordial reason to "let Obama go!" to paraphrase the words of Clint Eastwood.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), OCTOBER 2012, Parker, Colorado

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