Obama's America lets his supporters terrorize
an elderly widow for anti-Obama views

Curt Dale

Let me tell you a couple of true accounts of the last 5 days. I've been distributing "ROMNEY-BELIEVE IN AMERICA" rear car window stickers for about 3 weeks. Last Wednesday night a lovely widow lady asked me to put one on her nice, royal blue sedan. I did a perfect job of putting it on because this elderly lady showed the courage to have it put on. Today, I saw her at her place of work and asked her if I got it on right. She looked at me, rather distraught. She said, "Vandals took the 'Romney' part off of my sticker. The Democrats in my apartment complex did it during the night." She said she had driven all over Denver with it showing on Thursday and when she woke up and started to work on Friday, these terrorists had vandalized her car.

Oh, do you disagree and say they are not terrorists? Well, she's terrorized. She said, "I won't put it back on because, the next time, they might do damage to my car or attack me when I come home." I asked her if she could even imagine a Republican doing such a thing to an Obama sticker. She answered, "Of course not!" Terrorists terrorize! This woman is terrorized into not being able to exercise her freedom of speech. This is Obama's America, it seems.

Terrorists? Yes, she is scared to exercise her freedom of speech because of that sneaky, vandalistic act of terror by her Democrat neighbors. She has no other answer to how it happened. Think of the horrible cynicism of these neighborhood terrorists taking the name of her chosen candidate off her car and leaving "Believe in America." How can one believe in America when being personally terrorized and having their freedom of speech destroyed by neighbors? How can one believe in an America where a political opinion become justification in the warped minds of Liberal Democrats to destroy property a person has paid for on their own vehicle, parked in a space for which they've paid.

This is not a silly little complaint against a harmless event. This is a monumental event in the life of an elderly widow. This event is the face of the Obama, Chicago method of conducting a political campaign. This is an effort to suppress voting for Romney. If the sticker isn't viewed, then it has less impact on potential voters. If there are less Romney Stickers on the highway because Democrats have removed them, then it looks like Obama is stronger than he is. If they can use these methods to place fear in the heart of this widow, who else will be terrorized to the point they would be afraid to vote.

Is this act of terrorism in a Denver area apartment complex any different in intent than scaling a wall at a US Embassy to tear down and destroy a US Flag and put up an Al Qaeda Taliban flag? No, it is not. It is to intimidate, to destroy a symbol. Her Romney sticker was a symbol of her freedom of speech. These terrorist sneaked to her car and maliciously scraped it off, snidely leaving the "Believe in America" subscript.

Oh! This is not an isolated instance. One of the very first vehicles our group put a Romney Sticker on was the pickup truck of a working man. He drove it to Denver International Airport and parked it at his place of employment. Sure enough, when he came out, the same terrorist act had been committed on his truck. "Romney" was scraped off and only "Believe in America" remained.

These people are sick, sick, sick! NO! I take that back they are not sick! They are hardcore, Liberal, Democrat terrorists. This is not just an attack on one individual. This is a terrorist attack on the workers in the Romney supporting organizations, an attempt to shut them down. I'm thinking that leaving the "Believe in America" subscript is a planned slap in the face of anyone, anything that supports Romney, against his campaign and his candidacy.

Most sadly, though, the terrorism crushed the courage of the widow and the working man. They have good reason to fear expressing their views.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), SEPTEMBER 2012, Parker, Colorado

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