Romney Victory Rally in Denver tonight! WOW!

Curt Dale

Quite a day today! Went to Church and enjoyed a wonderful Sacrament Service, then headed for the Romney Rally in Denver that was held this evening. I was absolutely overwhelmed at the size of the crowd, and apparently it was totally unexpected even by the Romney Advance Team. The venue was probably set up for 6,000 to 8,000. After all, there was a Bronco's game earlier in the afternoon. I got there at 4:00, doors were to open at 5:00, and the program was to start at 7:00PM. I was seated by the entry walkway, and at 7:45, the steady stream of people passing in front of me finally came to an end. They had filled every part of the originally planned area and were funneling people to the football field behind the planned venue as the Fire Marshall had declared that original venue totally filled. Overflow was shoulder to shoulder behind the sound system towers, lighting towers, and press camera stands for those last 45 minutes. It seems the crowd from the Broncos game headed for the rally and made the crowd even bigger as they kept that stream coming. I will venture there were in the vicinity of 20,000 to 25,000 people there, very possibly more. Of course the national news will tell us that it was a low turnout for Romney in Denver. Well, it was huge and well received. Romney is getting more and more on message. Seems more powerful with every message I hear from him. Do I feel guilty for going to a political event on Sunday Evening? I surely DO NOT! I believe that we are in a literal war, and going to this event to support a man who just might have a chance to get America back on course may have been as righteous an endeavor as I could have done.

Here's a picture for you! There is a huge lighted cross laid out on the mountainside to the west of the place where the rally was held. As we were all waiting for Mitt's arrival, former Representative Bob Beauprez was speaking. He point out to everyone to look toward the mountains. There, coming toward us below that cross was the huge motorcade bringing Mitt in. It was dark, and the vehicles escorting him and the big motorcade had on their white lights and the red and blue flashing lights the cross showing behind them on the hillside. Quite a marvelous happenstance. It was an OOOHHH! AAAHHH! moment.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), SEPTEMBER 2012, Parker, Colorado

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