A Phenomena unfolding before my eyes!
Romney Stickers EVERYWHERE!

Curt Dale

Mr. Merlin Klotz invited me to help him in an effort he decided to do a few weeks ago. He plunked down a couple of thousand bucks and ordered 1,000 very attractive 20 inch wide, white, rear car window "Romney Believe In America" stickers. His goal was to distribute those one thousand. Well, those went rapidly and people were throwing donations into the effort which went to get even more. I was doing my little bit and hoping I might be able to put out a few. I don't even know where I stand right now. Too busy putting them on, but I must be well north of 200, and donations have been sufficient to keep upping the number. I had a big stack yesterday, thinking maybe it would take quite a bit to finish them up. Shoot! By 11 AM today, I was already out and calling Merlin to let him know I needed more. He has the Romney Mobile on the road, a beautifully restored old red and white Studebaker pickup with a huge Romney billboard mounted in the bed. He has it at the Romney events and wherever more stickers can be installed and distributed. Now his project is heading toward 3,000, and who knows how far it will go beyond that. It seems it's accelerating to me. I'm starting to get people calling me to get them, and some wanting to distribute them and take contributions to get more out, too. Seems like I've done this in network marketing! Others are doing one of the most difficult pieces, what the folks in the "industry" call "weeding" (taking out the unwanted portion of the sticky stuff around the letters. I'm sure hundreds of hours are going into this tedious effort. At this point, these are starting to show up all over the Denver vicinity. One I gave out yesterday will be here for a while as the Retired Army and retired Sheriff from Tennessee makes his way back across the US, sporting this framed by US ARMY stickers. One great one went on a huge SUV with the white adhesive stick figures of Daddy, Mommy, 5 children and the dog. Honks are starting to be heard as drivers displaying Romney Stickers pass in traffic. It is so great to drive along and see more and more Romney out there. Thanks Merlin. He said, "It's going VIRAL!"

That may be an understatement.

Go Merlin! GO MITT!

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), SEPTEMBER 2012, Parker, Colorado

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