Whoa! Barrack Hussein Obama
was telling us that the government "owns us"

Curt Dale

Something Vice President Nominee Paul Ryan said today brought a thought to my mind that hit me up beside the head like a brickbat. A few weeks ago, Obama made the comment that "We all belong to the Government!" Obama passed it off as a rather collegial comment. But the thought that hit me was that Obama wasn't talking about a familial, fraternal relationship. "Belong" has a far deeper meaning than that. Belong means ownership. Barack Hussein Obama was telling us that the government "owns" us. Whoa! The government of the United States does not own me! That is the ultimate objective of Socialism and Communism.

I am not a slave or ward of the state nor a possession of the state. When I speak of the "government," I speak of it and think of it as "MY government." I share ownership of it with every legal citizen of the United States. It's mine, not vice versa. It is up to me to hire and fire those who run my government for me. The only ownership that I allow of me is that "I belong to Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father." The way our government is being run right now, I would not even want to be recognized as a member of that organization much less as a possession of that government, not that I would ever want that to be the case.

So, Mr. Obama, since I am quite certain that you believe that over the past four years you have "become the government," in that you override the US Congress, override the US Supreme Court, and demonize any state that disagrees with, start looking for your bill of sale. You did not buy me nor did you inherit me. You do every thing you can to control the media and are now working to control the vote by suppressing the military vote, and over registration to enable bogus voting. Now you may have bought the voters you have on the dole, but you have not bought me, nor am I for sale. So go peddle your bill of goods elsewhere, I am working with every waking breath to fire you and your whole Administration, the czars, the cabinet and the appointees that you own. "I ain't for sale!" No price you could pay is big enough for you to own me.

So, President Obama, Mr. Clint Eastwood had it just right. He saw through you. "We own America." So, paraphrasing his words, "We need to "let you go"!"

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), SEPTEMBER 2012, Parker, Colorado

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