September Surprise: Obama even more spineless than we thought

Curt Dale

So, we have a big September Surprise, and it is that BH Obama is even more cowardly, spineless, inept and disconnected with reality than even the most critical of us ever thought. A bunch of Islamic terrorists, in an act of war, killed Ambassador Chris Steven, his bodyguard, ex US Navy Seal Glen Doherty, and two other diplomats in Benghazi, Libya, Almost simultaneously, an Islamic Terrorist attack our US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, essentially destroyed it, another act of war. Coordinated? Who cares? (Well the White House wants to deal with minutia and prove it was not coordinated or preplanned. But I don't care. Both were acts of war against the United States.) It's Muslim Jihad, plain and simple. The US Flag was torn down, desecrated, and replaced with a form of the Taliban/Al Qaeda flag. Both of these terrorist groups who attacked us are the very terrorists Obama, by leading from the rear with complicity, put into power about a year ago. He assured us they were not Islamic Brotherhood and that they would not be a radical Muslim Terrorist regime. Well, he was wrong-I take that back-I don't think he was wrong because think he knew they'd be radical, and that's just fine with him.

Today, in Golden Colorado, Obama said, "I know it's unsettling to see these images on television." Mr. Obama, is "unsettling" the very best you can gin up to describe the Ambassador you appointed being brutally murdered along with the dedicated former Navy Seal, and two other diplomats? Those aren't "images," Mr. Obama! They were red blooded Americans, serving you and your Administration on "American Soil" in our embassies: they were fathers, husbands, and patriots. And you go so far as to say the images of their deaths unsettle you? Our Cairo Embassy is essentially destroyed by another group of Islamic Terrorism, another act of war by terrorists, rubbing our nose in the dirt in their celebration of 9/11, and you are "unsettled," Oh, my!

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney dared to show the temerity to question the total lack of significant reaction by the Obama White House, pointing out the obvious, that this is an act of war and that the President needed to react to it in a strong way. He was reacting to twice release apology from the United States Embassy in Egypt. That's correct! The Terrorists attacked the Embassy. And the United States Embassy in Egypt apologized for any offense a private movie may have caused to Muslims. What did Obama do? He attacked Romney for his comments. He said Romney was given to doing "Ready, fire, aim. Now isn't that cute of the President to revive the Jimmy Carter old-saw. The problem is that Romney is correct; while Obama's Administration was in the apology mode-to the terrorists-and Barack had Secretary of State Hillary Clinton parroting his stance, Barack remained silent. Almost makes me feel sorry for ol' Hil. He left her to try to mop up the mess that he'd so blithely let happen over the past couple of years. Our Ambassador and 3 staff members were dead in Libya and our embassy completely trashed in Egypt. Clinton was telling the American people that this was the act of a small, radical group and had nothing to do with al Qaeda. Naw! It was a highly organized, well planned and precisely carried out attack on American soil. She went on to literally blame the US, too, profusely apologizing to the terrorists for the act (some innocuous YouTube video on internet) that is credited with setting off the terrorists. The video is simply a handy excuse to attack us. And isn't it convenient that it gives Obama and Clinton a line for deep apology to the terrorists. Their condolences to the families of our dead came as rather an afterthought.

This reaction by Obama and his Administration is reprehensible. Yes, this was an Act of War against the United States. But that means nothing to Obama. It was an inconvenience to him, and he has dismissed it to his lower levels to handle while he is in the election campaign mode, raising money. Frankly, it is exactly what we can expect from this totally narcissistic man. (I hardly knew what it meant until I heard it applied to Obama. I looked it up.) No wonder I never knew exactly what it meant. I never knew anyone so totally into "me!" Now, in that light, just think of what he did. He had the flags brought to half mast and put the nation into mourning by presidential decree, the obligatory thing to do. He then quickly loaded up and headed for Las Vegas to do a huge re-election fund raiser. How long ago was it that he told us that we should not go to Vegas and spend money down there, suggesting we tighten our belts? But he is above all of that. He can go down and hobnob with those big donors to the wee hours, reap their money and adoration, and just leave the mourning for his Ambassador and diplomatic staff to us.

This very morning, Obama gave what he must think was a powerful response. He said, "We will work with the Libyan Government to bring the people (note that he didn't say 'terrorists) to justice. " Oh, wowzie! That's just an overwhelming posture. And even in that speech, which was a campaign stop, he put in a thinly veiled apology to the offended terrorists. Think of what Ronald Reagan did to bring the Libyan government in line when Colonel Muammar Qaddafi got too big for his britches. Reagan defied all of Europe, did what was right, and sent FB-111s over to the Libyan capital and blew the front porch off of Muammar's palace. We didn't hear any more from ol' Muammar until the Obama Administration came into "power," (if we can even use the term power in reference to anything about Obama).

An explicit example of the Obama supporters' outlook happened today. In a campaign speech today, Mitt Romney called for a moment of silence for those killed in Libya. As soon as the moment of silence was supposed to start, heckling Obama backers ruined the solemn moment of silence. I have no tolerance for such disrespect. In the world I've grown up in, such horrible behavior would have been considered insanity. But in the insane world of Obama, I suppose it's just about standard operating procedure.

Can we just face the fact that we have a totally failed President in Barack Hussein Obama? Our nation is declining at a horrifying pace under his incomprehensible Administration. Nothing he does makes any sense. So, a happy, spineless September Surprise to you all, courtesy of Barack, a partyin' kinda guy.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), SEPTEMBER 2012, Parker, Colorado

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