DNC Convention is either "goat ropin" or a comedy of errors

Curt Dale

I don't know squat from apple butter compared to some of the big time political watchers, but I'm either fascinated or bewildered by whatever this DNC Convention in North Carolina is trying to do. Isn't it becoming one huge goat roping down there? Seems to me that it is disorganized, making it up on the fly and changing direction on a dime!

I watched a bit of Bill Clinton's speech to the delegates, and he looked like he was officially appointed to be the surrogate President for a failed Barack Obama. Now, he was trying hard, and the crowd was reacting to him, but folks, that was not the Bill Clinton of old. When he used to speak, as much as I disliked him, he was an incredible speaker and politician. But he was at the DNC Convention without Hillary, and her absence says volumes in billboard sized messages. I'm guessin' Bill is bettin' on the possibility that Obama is gonna go belly up in November, and that will open a 2016 White House run for Hillary. He blew his horn and hers very effectively. Just right to be able to look back on 2012 and say, "I was there for him, but the po' feller just couldn't hack it for a second term. So, now it's Hillary's chance." Oh, he was wagging his finger, soaking in the adoration, and whipping them up, but there was nothing getting to them except that "There's Bill Clinton!" I'm bettin' that the last thing he wants is the reelection of Obama. He's double dealin' and double teamin' the Obama supporters for the benefit of himself and Hillary. Bill Clinton is not a generous man. It's all about Bill, hook line and sinker. The delegates' faces were fixed either in total hatred of anything non-Democrat-GOP in particular--or locked in to a mesmerized stare. There just didn't seem to be the appearance of any recognition of reality. Oh! His best line! "We are not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers!" Wow! In other words, he's saying, "We'll tell whatever lies we like 'til the cows come home, and truth can pound sand."

Lining up a huge 75,000 capacity stadium for Obama's acceptance speech was wishful thinking and another glorious goof. They have been using very small venues for a year to keep it from looking like Obama was addressing empty halls. How could they expect much difference in Charlotte, NC, for the acceptance speech? So they panicked and chose to cancel the big stadium and have rented a 20,000 capacity indoor stadium, using anticipated bad weather as the reason. No hurricanes were coming in, and weather has been improving. Now, they have 30, OOO hard working volunteers who got tickets to attend the 75,000 person stadium, but they can't go to the little venue. They'll have to settle for a telephone conference with Obama. Big Whoop! Don't you know that'll be thrilling.

But the most delicious miscalculation (assuming the most extreme leftists framing the Democratic Party Platform are capable of calculating) was to remove mention of God from the Platform and to remove the mention of Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel. They did both and passed the Platform! They didn't see it coming, but the uproar was beyond anything these far left liberals could ever imagine. So, the DNC had to bare its Godless soul to the World. The convention was suddenly presented a revision to the Platform, trying to make amends. It only got worse. Sometimes there are horrible goofs that just can't be fixed, and here are two in parallel. How embarrassing! They had to put God back in the Platform and acknowledge Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel in one fell swoop. Whooeee! That must have hurt like hemorrhoids. And it will continue to hurt until Election Day! What can the GOP do with this debacle? It is a two edged sword for the Republicans to whang away at the Dems with, hitting them coming and going. It was a foul up to take God out of the Platform. It was a foul-up to remove Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel. Now that's powerful! But now, they have been forced to put God back in the Platform. On the front swing, they offended the God Fearing Dems as well as any other God fearing person in the nation. On the back swing, they offended the part of the Dem base that does not believe. You can see that the second front swipe of the sword offended every supporter of Israel, be they Jewish, Christian or otherwise. And on that back swing, they again honked off the base that doesn't want to acknowledge Israel. I'm thinking all four swings catch Obama broadsided, up beside the head.

Compared to the GOP Convention, the choice of speakers was so bizarre as to be unbelievable. They had all the old warhorses up there. Denny Hoyer was pitiful, but they all looked so angry as to be maniacal. A few were so out of touch that all they could do was repeat their well-rehearsed lies, possibly not even knowing that what they were saying was not even close to the truth.

Well, it's not the time to be telling them all the ways they are messin' up, but it is just too delicious to not mention some of the great examples. If you want more, they are there. Just look for them and pass them on. This is one time, Comedy of Errors is only sophisticated description I can think of, but I still think goat ropin' is the best description.

It was capped off with two speeches, Biden and Obama, that were just totally un-noteworthy except that the lies were so obvious that one could not help but note they were simply straining to keep from ever mentioning what has happened in the past 3 ½ years. Just pitiful performances, not significant enough to even analyze! They were just totally vacant speeches that even made Bill Clinton's speech of Wednesday night look pretty good.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), SEPTEMBER 2012, Parker, Colorado

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