Are folks afraid their car will get keyed
if they put on a Romney-Ryan sticker?

Curt Dale

Sadly, I'm finding that too many people are afraid they will get their car keyed if they put a Romney Ryan bumper sticker on their car. Isn't that all the more reason to put one on the bumper or rear window? We need to rebuild the American where it is now a matter of concern to express one's political preference.

A lady told me how much she liked my stickers last week and said that she would like to put one on her car. But she admitted she was afraid it would get her car keyed. I had on my Vietnam Veteran ball cap. I took it off my head, and pointedly showed it to her. (It also has a Romney campaign badge on it.)

I said, "Some of us have done more than risk a key scratch on our car to insure our freedom of speech. If I get a key scratch on my car because I have these three Romney stickers on it, I will consider that a badge of honor. I will not let the threat of a key scratch or even a sledge hammer through my car window cower me from showing what I believe."

Yeah, there were tears in her eyes. Maybe that was a below the belt comment, but it hits me that too many people can spout the platitude "Freedom is not Free," but they are not willing to spend a key scratch for it.

The other excuse I hear is, "I don't want to put a sticker on my automobile. It is bad for the finish!" Wow! That's weak.

One of the best polls to impress people is the number of cars driving down the road sporting political bumper stickers. As we now enter this incredibly important election, I am so very hopeful that I'll see more and more Romney Ryan bumper stickers. How thrilled I am to have a person go by and give me a thumbs up for my Romney Stickers and then to see the same on the rear of their car. I see that person as a little more bold, a little more committed, a little more willing, a little braver.

It is time for BOLDNESS. Mitt was bold, strong and decisive in choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate. I see such energy developing in the past 72 hours. Help Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Come out of that comfortable, protective shell! Go "public!" You'll find it's fun!

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), AUGUST 2012, Parker, Colorado

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