Chief Justice John Roberts hung
the skunk around Obama's neck today

Curt Dale

I believe Chief Justice John Roberts just hung the skunk around Barack Obama's neck. Too many of us were banking on the belief that conservative justices would do our heavy lifting for us by deep sixing Obamacare. I say "us" because we have elected the Republicans who failed to stand up over the years, letting the Liberals spout platitudes while building toward this Obamacare travesty.

Obama now has the biggest tax increase in history tattooed on his forehead like a scarlet letter. He is saddled with his long and persistent declarations, "It is not a tax." He has said, "I will never raise taxes on the middle class," and his well known promises butt up against the Supreme Court decision that brands his Obamacare mandate "a tax." This makes President George H. W. Bush's "Read my lips! No new taxes!" look like a nit in history.

President George W. Bush may have just gotten his money's worth today for appointing Roberts as Chief Justice. First, Roberts was presented as a Constitutionalist justice in his confirmation hearings and by Bush. Today, Roberts' votes today were all strictly by the Constitution. Once Obamacare hit the Supreme Court, Obama's lawyers presented the mandate as a tax, perpetrating a total fraud on "We the People." It had to be ruled as such by the honest, deliberative Justice Roberts who is dedicated to strictly following the Constitution. That is exactly what Roberts did. Sure, he could have voted with the four Conservative members to kill Obamacare, but he would have disregarded the Constitution, delving into legislating from the bench. So, I don't appreciate those, such as Michelle Bachmann, who are trashing Roberts because they didn't get their way. They got what we should be praying for-strict interpretation of the Constitution.

Like it or not, our elected representatives in Congress can tax us without limit so long as we let them. That's the Constitution and the law. It's nothing new, and it's up to "We the People" to stop them. Lots of Conservatives are just now awakening to that point of law. Congress passed the tax and Obama signed it into law. That was constitutional, and the tax will be there until such time as Congress and the President, whomever he or she may be, repeals it. Roberts insured the integrity of "his" court. In his other votes today on Obamacare, he also established a hard and fast limit that the government can't force us to buy things (due to the Commerce Clause), even though they can tax us, and created a roadblock by helping declare the Medicare/Medicaid part of the act unconstitutional.

Now it is up to "We the People" to correct this constitutionally through the two branches of government we most closely control-the Executive and Legislative Branches. Throw out Obama, elect Romney (who has promised to repeal Obama care) elect enough really Conservative, reliable, constitutional minded members to Congress, and Obamacare will disappear, constitutionally, because "We the People," made it disappear. It won't be because the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court bowed to political pressure. He did his job.

Thinking soberly, it was quite disingenuous for any student of the Constitution to feel we could rely on SCOTUS to magically repair the enormous damage we've blithely watched and allowed to develop over decades, trashing our Constitution.

Obama wouldn't even mention the word, "tax," today as he revealed he's already wounded by the decision Roberts has hung on him. I think the commentator who said, "Obama's lawyers may have snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory" may have been right.When they used the "It's a tax," argument in a moment of desperation before SCOTUS, they just may have given Roberts the perfect ruling. I recollect how he and the other justices sat in the State of the Union Address being lectured by Obama. I recall Justice Sam Alito mouthing "It's not true!" when Obama made an outrageous claim. More recently Obama has further lectured the SCOTUS. I feel Roberts has been making a tick mark with every bashing he and the Supreme Court takes from Obama. I don't think Obama got what he wanted at all. He wanted the mandate to be acceptable under the Commerce clause, not to have it branded a tax.

Now, Mitt Romney can trumpet that Obama has foisted the biggest tax raise of all time on the American People, and can do it with the words of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as proof. I believe that Romney can very effectively be on the offensive all the way through election day, going after Obama on the miserable economy, the horrible jobs record and hanging the biggest tax raise in US History, by far, on Obama.

So, if you believe we were let down by Chief Justice Roberts, do some serious homework, understand what happened, then go to work to eject Obama in November and give Romney a Congress to work with. It's in your hands, "We the People!" This is our job. It wasn't Roberts' job.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), JUNE 2012, Parker, Colorado

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