Today, I paid for about all of the GSA Las Vegas party's sushi

Curt Dale

I just sent off my income tax return today for the collection plate of Obama Rolling block party. I see that the $823,000 party thrown by the GSA for their so called conference in Las Vegas, and that was just for the West Coast employee contingent. I wonder what the ones for the Midwest, Southeast, South, Mountain States and Northeast will cost.

Somehow, it is really a big letdown to know that everything I paid in Federal Income Tax this year may, JUST MAY, have covered the party tab for their Sushi. $7,000 worth of SUSHI! I wish I could have looked at it as having gone for a good, high quality set of body armor sets for one of our troops, or even some sushi for the troops, for gosh sake. But my taxes got lathered on a bunch of partying GSA folks in Las Vegas, being sloshed up for. What a waste of my money. Now, let me tell you some of the things the GSA did with your money. My sushi purchase was bad enough, but some of you other suckers probably got gleeped even worse. Probably one of you paid $3,700 for T-shirts and $2.800 for water bottles. Perfect combination for a wet T-shirt contest! Then again, one could get so terribly dehydrated in Las Vegas. We must keep our GSA administrators properly hydrated. Drinking fountains are so limited in those Vegas Hotels, particularly the top drawer type hostelries they were using.

Now, a couple of things one or more of you paid for give a me reason to ponder. They hired a clown, a mind reader, and ponies for entertainment. There is no mention of strippers, although they would have given meaning to Obama's claim for transparency, openness and visibility. But with those $5,600 Private Suite parties that many of you paid for today (well, actually this time last year), my imagination is piqued.

Let's see! What other great bargains did the GSA secure with your tax money? There's $6,325 in commemorative coins. Don't you think the "American Idle" video of the GSA Las Vegas party will be a better piece of memorabilia than a dumb coin that cost you, the American Taxpayer just over $21 each for these leeches? Yes, they even had the audacity to record much of this, and those recorded videos are now telling the story of the waste and corruption that the GSA party organizers and executives intentionally foisted on us.

Oh, pardon me! I nearly forgot to comment on those ponies, the clown and the mind reader. If that mind reader was dealing with the level of mentality I'm seeing in the video and the stupidity of dong this party in such a public place as Las Vegas, he must have had to fabricate a lot of tales, because I don't think there is much happened in those craniums. What in the world was a clown for? Clowns are for kids.

Well, maybe it fits! But the ponies! Wow! I just cannot think of any legitimate reason they would bring in ponies for entertainment. In that I'm supposing there is a huge smattering of Democrats in this partyin' group, I could see bringing in some jackasses, but not ponies.

Well, I kept bringing in Obama. Don't think me unfair for bringing him up. You see, he appointed Martha Johnson as the head of GSA.

Caught in the trick on this, she has now resigned after firing two of her deputies. She has also apologized, and it's a patent Obama Administration apology that essentially says "I'm sorry I got caught."

There have been times that I felt a sense of pride when I paid my Federal Income Tax. But to see that what I have worked so hard for and how I've kept organized so that I could pay my taxes, it seems so useless when I see these opportunists taking the ultimate advantage of us. They squander it in a brainless, mindless fashion. Yup! I want Obama and his entire crowd of Czars and appointees out of Washington.

Such a despicable collection of inept thieves! Oh! Yes, they're thieves, and I urge Congress to convict them of illegally using taxpayer funds.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), APRIL 2012, Parker, Colorado

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