I think I'm watching Obama unravel

Curt Dale

Am I suffering from wishful thinking or am I seeing Obama falling apart at the seams? Four years ago, he was so well organized, so supremely confident, seemingly making no mistakes and leaving very few opportunities for "provable" mistakes. In the past couple of weeks, all that incredible aplomb seems to have gone by the wayside.

Looking at his trip to Cushing, Oklahoma, today to try to snag a piece of the action for the pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas and make it look like he is actually for the Keystone Pipeline project rather opened him up like a zipper. He went through a litany of lies, one after the other, pandering to the most unintelligent of his base and proving to the intelligent amongst his previous supporters that he is totally full of bluster, misinformation and blatant lies. He made the claim that "oil is a part of my energy plan." Yeah, to the extent that he is shutting down oil production in every way that he can. But the claim was to convince his idiots that he wants to produce oil to get down gas prices. Naw! He just wants to create the illusion. He said "We are drillin' all over the place!" Who's the "we," Kemosabe? Look at the completely closed West Coast and East Coast offshore drilling locations and all the shutdown areas in the Gulf. Look at the vast reduction in drilling and exploration on US government owned lands since he became President. "WE" ain't drillin' nothing, Mr. President. The drilling advances that are going on are private drilling on private lands that you wish you could shut down but can't.

Obama is methodically shutting down oil refineries. He has no intent of developing or approving the Canadian pipeline coming into the US. Which is the only part he has to approve! The parts build inside the states are none his affair, so his little, multimillion dollar trip to Oklahoma today had no connection with reality. It was a campaign trip to do a closed door speech where he could try to convince his ignorant base that he has a clue. He has a clue, but it's not the one that is in the best interest of America. With gasoline prices approaching $6.00 in parts of the nation, he's getting exactly the result he set out to create. But, I can only reflect on the fact that I paid $1.39 per gallon on the morning he was foisted upon us by his mindless supporters. I hope the majority of voters have that good a memory.

He has hit a rocky road with women for some of his ham fisted comments and how his Administration handled the latest on women. College students are seeing their beer drinking bucks going into the gas tank, and that's reality to a mass of them. He stood before us and lied about the Solyndra debacle which cost we taxpayers $537 million dollars, given them by Obama from the stimulus package, only to have it squandered lord knows where, making the owners even richer, then going bankrupt without consequence. Now, he even refuses to own up to Solyndra and today started blaming the Republicans for the Solyndra meltdown, something the GOP voted against as a solid block. Isn't his blatancy amazing?

Obama now has AG Eric Holder conducting a war on Voter ID cards. How soon does Obama just declare them illegal? I wouldn't be surprised to see him just overlook that such a decision goes to the Supreme Court, dictate it, then, if elected, fight for the next four years to try to prove it was legal. A sane, ethical President wouldn't be doing these grossly unethical, intemperate things in full daylight. But I believe Obama sees desperation coming his way as November 2012 approaches. Hence, he's ready to just go make outlandish claims and do anything that remotely has a chance of getting him more votes. Yet, he refuses to do really sensible things. Instead, he hangs onto his Socialist moves and tries to create illusions that he will abide by the Constitution and do good things for America. Not likely!

I get the feeling that his desperation began with the release of the patently bogus Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth. The rush to get that out caused him and his staff to do some really stupid things, and he released something that does not hold up. I just cannot believe that Congress is overall so stupid that they don't know of a certainty that it is bogus. But I believe they are just afraid to move forward with any investigation. If they actually proved it was bogus, throwing the whole Presidency into a cocked hat, what would happen. Maybe they just aren't willing to chance the chaos that could result and will, instead, hope that the electorate will come to its senses in the next election and solve the problem for them. I just look at my own congressman who I'd consider an intelligent, and I can't see him being so naïve and cloistered as to believe that that piece of fabrication is real. However, he staunchly refuses to move one it in any way, and declares Obama to be a legitimate President. Oh, well! Hucksters are a dime a dozen. But this one huckster, Obama, doesn't sell for a dime. In his case, he costs us trillions off bucks.

Anyway, just watch for the panic and desperation as the weeks and months pass. He's in a hurtin' situation and knows it.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), MARCH 2012, Parker, Colorado

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