Obama and Panetta attacking military active duty and retirees again

Curt Dale

Here come the Democrats again, led by our Conspirator in Chief Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, to up the cost medical care for active duty and retired military personnel by 345% (YES 345%) through increased copays and prescription copays, etc. Why is it that the military is the first group accosted when Democrats, and particularly Obama, want to pretend to save money? They repeatedly go at active duty and retired military with a vengeance as their first target of opportunity.

Bill Clinton did it during his administration, breaking faith with the military by taking away our benefits in large measure, putting us under Medicare, then coming up with the incredibly unreliable TriCare for Life plan. Now Obama and Panetta are set to gut what's left. I'm suspecting we are going to be the first folks forced into his Obamacare program where we can be further fleeced out of the care promised to us.

What I was promised in 1959 when I began my 27 year military career has been decimated already, and Panetta is using us as pawns to create the illusion that what he's doing is fair and that he will reduce the risk to National Security by making military active duty and retirees pay more. No other group of contributors are identified, just us.

Watch to see how many of Obama's Socialist cohorts in the various unions that he has bought and paid for will have to cough up one thin dime in increased copays for their medical care. Pigs will go supersonic before that happens. Those people in the unions are his biggest supporters. They will be protected to the ultimate degree. I'm thinking the political support from the military community for Obama is very shallow, so it is important to punish them for not supporting his ticket.

I encourage every person in the military, every retiree, and those with family members in the military to come out swinging against this effort by Obama and Panetta. E-mail and call your Congressional Representatives. Write the White House. (Of course he'll pay no attention. I'll be doing it and writing on the back of the envelope. "Obama, Panetta! Quit attacking our active duty military and retirees! I am doing everything I can to show how these communistically inclined leaders jump at any chance to punish those who stand with the most patriotic of our citizens.

Obama considers the military at the head of the column to be attacked. Yes, I'm saying that Obama and Panetta are unpatriotic. Let's quit pretending they are. It sickens me to hear elected Republicans pander to him, make excuses for him and say he is patriotic. I don't believe one whit of that. His latest apology concerning the burning of Korans that were being used to pass harmful messages is just the latest example of how he apologizes to our sworn enemies. His Administration, his policies and his decisions are ruining the institutions that have made us a great nation. If you want to see how supportive Obama is of the enemies of the enemies of the United States, just consider that he has signed off on a $750,000 soccer field for the detainees at Guantanamo Bay Prison. Just how fine a soccer field did they play on in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan? Probably covered with dust, mud, rocks and trash! But the sod on this field will be soft and pliable so that they down get hurt if they fall down.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), MARCH 2012, Parker, Colorado

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