Obama assumed
Congress and Supreme Court powers
before our eyes

Curt Dale

As reprehensible as it is, Barack Obama made American history today. He is the President who just took the power and authority into his hands to change the law himself, in a news conference, giving no heed to Congress nor to the Supreme Court.

Let me explain! His so called great achievement of his first term has been to drive the Obamacare legislation down our throats. He did it before Congress even read it or before the American people even knew what it contained, and it became law of the land. The law included that even religious institutions who have female employees who want contraceptives medications and procedures must provided them that medical support at no cast. This created a furor in the Catholic community due to that Church's prohibition on birth control. But the furor extends to other faiths that are Pro Life. For a few months, there hasn't been much said about it, but at the appointed time, Secretary of Health and Human Services Sibelius sprung on America that it's time for the Catholic Church to belly up and start paying for such services. That set off a huge fracas between the Catholic leaders and the President. Other religious leaders joined in to challenge the law and challenge the White House for asserting the law.

The challenges put him in considerable stress, I'm sure. But he knew just what to do to sidestep criticism. Ignore the Constitutional process. It is of no importance to him. So what does he do. He employs the assistance of his in-the-bag liberal media to cover him. He held his news conference today, and, at the lectern, took all the law, all the legislation, all the court decisions into his own hands on this issue of Obamacare. His dictates before the press changed the requirement of the law. Churches who object will no longer have to provide the contraceptives and birth control according to the law. He decided that he will just simply waive that and dictate that the insurance companies will have to provide it. He ignored the fact that the insurance companies won't absorb that cost. They will pass it on to their other customers. So, citizens will ultimately pay for it through the insurance companies. Hmmm? Obama just passed another tax on us, standing right there and talking to us as he did it. None of the trillions of dollars lined out for his Obamacare will even have to go for the contraceptive and birth control products. We'll pay the trillions to Obamacare and reimburse the insurance companies, too. Old SlickO has done it again!

You see, he doesn't have to allow Congress to create bills to change the law he forced upon us. He can do it himself. He doesn't have to have the Supreme Court to determine if the law he jammed up our, er, noses, is constitutional or unconstitutional. It doesn't matter to him. He can change whatever he wants about it, standing out there in front of his bought and paid for Zombie press, bypassing all that messy Constitutional process stuff that is so cumbersome and time consuming. Nothing has to be documented. What is on his teleprompter is quickly erasable. That way, if we choose to challenge the new dictum, he can maintain that we just didn't understand what he was saying, and he can revise the law again next week. No record, no foul, no problem.

You may have noticed that in the past week, supremely Liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg allowed the US Constitution wasn't good enough for places like Egypt and other re-forming nations. So she set the stage very nicely for his SupremeSelfServingSelf to take the law in his own hands in a way never before seen in this nation. Right out in the open, on worldwide television, Obama defied the Constitution and made the ignorant of our electorate think he was doing us a wonderful favor.

What a news conference! He didn't even bother to tell us what he was going to do would be historic. What law will he next choose to mutate? The right to own and bear arms could be taken away in a beer summit in the Rose Garden. He's already done a pretty big number on both freedom of the press and free speech.

Then he had the audacity to walk off the stage without answering even one single question from the press.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), FEBRUARY 2012, Parker, Colorado

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